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SEX: There is no better medicine than to have sex. People who have sex at least twice a week get protective boost from their immune systems and also relaxes the mind.


sports are always good but you have to be self motivated and their is nothing better than training hard and achieving goals/winning


Surf, swim and run with a rubbish sack on....

I've not seen a lot of people doing this. Please post pics of yourself doing these activities in a rubbish sack. Especially the surfing one.

Chur chur!


Unsure about fun..But with running, you can enjoy scenery whilst listening to music.. If you don't have music, can at least have some "me" time.. Even just to clear the head with some deep breaths energizes you!


I cant stand to run but i do like walking for hours but my weight burner fun is dancing or hitting the punching bag! Nothing birns better for me than having a good mosh or unleashing the fury on the bag


The best way is to find a partner, at around your own fitness level OR someone willing to exercise at your level, to take your mind off the fatigue and push yourself. Personally, I think team sports work best, maybe gather a bunch of work mates for some basketball or something.


I like to run, it's the cheapest sport, just put on your shoes and open the front door, plus you can seize a moment and don't have to work around others, run a vehicle or do any sort of prep at all. Walking is also good if you have joint issues etc that make running too hard basket. Mind you if you have an arrangement to meet up with a buddy it can motivate you to get out the door because no one likes to let someone else down!


Jumping up & down on the couch watching the AB's win tonight, yeah!


Walking, jogging, and running are fun way of getting fit, specially when done with someone... it doesn't have to be competitive, just do it in one's phase, and enjoy it... smile and be fit, a healthy journey!!!


actually two things, we have two cats and a staircase, so yep get a piece of anything string, tape measure is my cats favourite, and run up and down the stairs, you get the exercise and so does the cat,and a bit of fun as well, if that does not appeal, then i recommend dancing, your style,put on your favourite upbeat type of music and dance your butt off.


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