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I am not sure if I can think of many fun ways, but for me the best way to get fit to to set yourself a goal, even better enter an event, 10km or half marathon that you have to pay an entry fee to help motivate you to train. Why not get your friends involved as well, most people are naturally competitive, so that should provide plenty of motivation to keep training. For people who struggle with exercise, I suggest not to set goals that are not achieve bale, start with small goals, even ones you know you can achieve, then gradually increase the difficulty. It could as simple as going for a walk 3 times a week, then adding a 10 minute run, the 3 x 10 min runs. If you keep at it, before you know it you will be running all the time. One last tip that has worked for me - write down your goals, its harder to avoid it if you can see if stuck to the notice board every day


not everyone would call it 'fun' but changing the location of your morning run can be a great help to keep motivated. I tend to alternate between the local park, the local mt (good old auckland with so many little 'mountains' around like Mt Eden or Hobson) and in the weekend s I tend to go to the beach or cornwall park Mixing it up like this not only stops it becomeing to routine but it also means I'm getting a variety of terrains and working different muscles each time


I find competitive sports a fun way to get fit - I have a competitive personality and so as soon as someone deems something a competition, I'm all for it and if that means running around like a mad person till I can't breathe anymore, then all the better! In fact, that in itself is kind of thrilling, isn't it!


lots of sex!


Research shows that women who participate in regular exercise tend to have more active sex lives, are more easily aroused and reach orgasm more quickly than their more sedentary counterparts. It’s common knowledge that exercise is good for sex, but is sex good exercise? Recent research suggests that during sex, your body experiences physical changes equivalent to an intense workout. Sex gets your heart racing, increases energy, raises your metabolic rate, stretches all kinds of muscles and, of course, burns calories. Psychologists and health experts believe sex can do more than just put a smile on your face; sex can cure headaches, boost the immune system, provide stress relief and be a valuable addition to your exercise routine. According to most sources, the “average” lovemaking session (30 minutes) burns between 50 and 100 calories, but consider that the number of calories burned during sex (or any activity, for that matter) is a function of many different factors. Several variables like body weight, environmental temperature, duration, intensity, effort, frequency and position will affect the actual number of calories burned. Having sex three times a week burns around 7,500 calories per year. That’s roughly the equivalent of jogging 75 miles, or about 1.4 miles per week, according to Healthcentral.com. The more intense the sex, the more calories burned: up to 15,000 calories annually (at a frequency of three times per week). 15,000 calories is equivalent to about 4 pounds of weight. According to Dr. Claire Bailey of England’s University of Bristol, there is little or no risk of women overdosing on sex. In fact, she says, regular sessions will not only firm a woman’s tummy and buttocks, but it will also improve her posture. Try adding some “sexercise” to your regular routine and enjoy burning calories while you burn up the bed sheets. It’s time to get fit and frisky. http://healthnews.ediets.com/fitness-exercise/sex-as-exercise-the-hard-facts.html There you go next time your wife has a headache or is stressed you can Raise The Cure, lol.


There are heaps of fun ways to get fit. I've got into the whole gym buzz and loving it. Go before work and do a long run, then head straight from work back to the gym and do a weights workout. Also find things like hikes through the Waitakeres on the weekends awesome. See waterfalls as well as getting fit! :D


Benefit of REGULAR Exercise: Puts the spark back into your sex life Promotes better sleep Controls weight Boosts energy Combats health conditions and diseases Improves mood It can be fun – so make it fun.


I think doing something as family will keep you motivated and keep everyone fit. Say a bush walk, riding bikes, swimming etc is fun as well as getting the exercise.


There certainly has to be a balance between getting fit & having fun. If you don't like your fitness program then try something else. This is not an excuse to sit back on the couch


Lycra and a big smile.


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