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I think the more you exercise the more energy you get for life in general. It takes a while to make it a habit but once you're hooked you miss it when you can't exercise. Exercising with kids is a great idea because they are generally up for just about anything!


Getting some mates and their partners together,and the bikes (or similar ie caoe, running shoes) to somewhere different each weekend,like Woodhill, Rangitoto,make a day of it and then go to alternative homes each week for a great feed and a few drinkies, and comradship. Get fit and make some good friends.


I have to agree that that the best way is to do something with my girls...tramping ,jogging or running on the beach is all part of exercise..but we have a great time at the same time ..Awesome


Once you have pushed past pain barriers its fun!!


.....any form of exercise is a fun way of keeping healthy and have to agree with "New Member" its pushing past that pain barrier that is fun and a natural high.....


Social sport is always fun and played at the right intensity is a great way to get fit!!


Sports sports sports- the team variety- and leave the social side for the bar afterwards.


I think you should only excercise for fun! seriously, if you aren't enjoying what you are doing, find something else! At the moment I'm supplementing my skateboarding, surfing & fixie with boxing... weird for me to enter a gym & do boxing training, but I'm enjoying it!


Getting fit is everyone's job for oneself.. and it should be fun.... and walking is one of the best to do, it is available anytime anywhere, we just have to give it a time....and would be more fun to be walking with someone we spend a lot of funtime... cheers!


Try winter spearfishing/free-diving. Waters cold but wetsuits keep you toasty - catch a healthy dinner and burn carbs while you're out getting it. Increases your VO2 max as well - the more you do it the bigger your lung capacity. Great for the heart

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