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Fun way of getting fit

Playing games with your children going on bush walks with them. Take them to the Pools or Beach for swims.... My kids love this and they get to see mummy getting fit again.... Lots of things you can do... Have ago my kids love it.. Cheers Ang....

After my son was bornI had really packed on the weight I tried everything but the only thing that would take it off was swimming , I think it was for two resions , 1 it's a magor destresser so you dont feel the need to eat to feel relaxed and , 2 you really get a full body work out without trying our having the thought am I doing it right , your just having fun and the weight loss is a great bonus.


very good advice and a great way to be involved with your children . i do this type of stuff also and its fun for sure.


The best exercise DVD I ever found is called Turbo Jam - it's quite old school now as it came out in about 2005 but it worls so well and is super fun. It's kind of like kick-boxing crossed with dance, with anaerobic thrills. You can usually pick it up really cheap on TradeMe, I highly recommend it. I lost weight for my wedding with it and am now goign to get back into it to lose baby weight.


There's lots lots of ways to get fit and at the same time have fun.... walking and smiling are two of them that won't cost anything, and can be done anytime....why not do them often and surely you will benefit a lot from them... it is so good to walk and smile at the same time, its physically and mentally and emotionally refreshing and benefiting... and bring along someone who you can share the smiles of life with.....Cheers!


adults sports day!!! great fun way to get everyone involved!!


We have set up an exercise circuit in the office at work, different stations labelled with pics and instructions on what you could do. We are pretty high up and in a rather confined space but it is amazing what can be accomplished with a bit of thought and kiwi ingenuity.


Well l know running takes the smile off your face but certainly keeps you honest. Going to a gym you may have more chance of keeping a fake smile on your face if you want to impress the ladies. But l would say something like beach volley ball with a group of friends would be good Fun Exercise. Plenty of laughs there.


Found a good way to exercise your cat if you have one. You also get a work out winding the loo paper back on the roll, lol


The best exercise is the one you do and that mean the one you enjoy. For me, that means something I can do with other people. Plus, having a scheduled time with another person makes you more likely not to skip.


Is there really any fun way? Just suck it in, grin and bear it

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