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This programme is so much better than the usual cooking , food shows now on every channel --- Keep Trucking Michael


Love food truck and the fact that it can show with just a few small changes family favourites can be a healtheir meal therefore producing more fitter and productive Kiwis

I agree lois. Michael Van de Elzen has an easy, no fuss style the appeals to most cooks. He doesn't ever 'thrust' the Healthy Food idea down your throat, so to speak, but delivers the message in a natural, entertaining way.


This is one of the best shows on TV about food and I like food, get show and wish there was more of it.


I wish there was a healthy fast food resturant or something like the food truck near me. I would go there all the time. I have watched his show a few times and he has great ideas.


You don't need a shop to make healthy food for yourself - it is easy enough to cook using common ingredients and there are some very good websites like Healthy Food Guide to name just one that have heaps of easy to make and very healthy recipes...sometime all it takes is just a bit of self-motivation...

Definitely agree -cook like your grandparents did and it'll probably be a lot healthier!


agree with above - it just takes a bit of planning to be healthy. That and a willingness to give it some time for your body to get used to it.


Like the way he takes the unhealthy and makes it healthy


Nothing is really healthy, that's what I've discovered.


Whats great is the little ideas of making things healthier like adding grated vegetables etc to recipes - helps when hiding them from the kids as well!


I admire michael and the food trucks mission to make nz healthy, we eat far too much rubbish, although alot of that could be put on the government, if fresh food was made cheaper to buy,then maybe the people would buy them more often. " make it cheaper. . . .And they will come".

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