Discussing :: Flu jabs - do they guarantee winter misery?


This is the first year I've had the flu jab, cause of my job. Got the worst flu I've ever had this winter too. Not right after the jab. Had no probs with that. Guess it didn't cover the strain I caught.

Highly dodgy! You don't think the two are connected?

I caught it off everyone else who had it at work. It went through EVERYONE. Everyone was sick for weeks. It was that flu that would go away and you'd feel fine for a week and then it would come back again. I went through three rounds of it and I'm certain it was all the same thing.

It was not directly after the flu shot so I'm certain I just caught it off all the sick people who dragged it in to work.

Either way I still got sick...and not just with your average cold.


SWINE FLU: Did you hear about the guy who phoned the doctor because he though he had swine flu, the line was bad and all he got was crackle. It's a fact that more than a dozen cases of narcolepsy linked to the Swine Flu vaccine Pandemrix have been diagnosed in Ireland. Why are so many of our Health Worker in NZ not getting a Flu jabs. Do they want to be home on sick leave or do they know something we don't. It's certainly scary stuff once you start investigating.


That has to win the prize for dodgiest joke of the week!

Must admit the joke was weak, l will put more effort into it next time. But the the rest is real!

Some resist having the 'flu jab but it's quite innocuous.
Sorry l can't help myself sometimes l guess l'm just pig ignorant.


And again! You'll excuse me having a jab... looks like you're immune anyway, which is a good thing. Wouldn't be right if you couldn't take a little needling.


Flu jabs... really?? Had them for the last 3 years through work (Woohoo Free - why not!) didn't get it this year.. Got the flu 2 out of the 3 years but it was fairly mild, particularly when half my household went down big time really badly. But still not 100% convinced that the jab helped, this year without it I didn't get anything worse than a few sniffles while again the family all went down... hhhhhhmmmmmmm


Some people react to the flu jab, depends on what flus are about, I generally find that having a flu jab does reduce the chances, still get the common cold. I'd prefer the common cold over the flu any day!


I'd always thought flu jabs make you weaker but my kids and myself seem to have been stricken with every strain of sniffle/cough/sneeze this winter. However, my wife who had a flu jab through work her place of work has remained relatively healthy. Even living in the same contaminated environment. Just as well though someone had to assist during my man-flu.

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