Discussing :: Flu jabs - do they guarantee winter misery?


Flu jabs - do they guarantee winter misery?

There's nothing like the annual flu jab to divide opinion. There are those (like myself) who see the jab as a sensible pre-winter precaution to reduce the chances of contacting most strains of flu (that's flu, not the commonly misdiagnosed heavy cold). While others relate horror stories of having the jab, and swiftly falling victim to a deadly strain that confined them to bed for two weeks straight. So what do you think? Sensible health precaution, or a sure-fire way of picking up two weeks' misery at the jab of a needle?


Had always recieved the annual flu jab through work boss said you dont have to take it but dont expect to be paid if you get sick with flu and havent had your shot .Unfortunately year before last had the jab got extremly sick but couldn take time of work cause owner was in Aussie on holiday and the Manager had been in a motorbike accident and was in hospital the only time i was sick and still couldnt pull a sickie but at least i was luckier than the poor bloke in hospital with a broken hip But theres no way in hell i will ever have another flu shot


I can't remember having had a flu jab since being at school. Also can't remember the last time I had flu. I'd rather avoid it, there's something inherently wrong with injecting yourself with diseases that have been altered by man. Am I alone in thinking it's only a step away from genetic modification?


I'm with you on this one Jason. I've never had one, never seen the point. The flu isn't going to kill me, and I'm not sure I've ever had it anyway. Colds, sure. So many things they say are good for you turn out to be disastrous, and I think the jury is still out on a lot of medical science. And food additives. And plastics.... But cloning... I'd TOTALLY clone myself!!!


What about vaccination in general? Anyone been on the receiving end of medical professions displeasure at discovering you're anti vaccination?

Actually I withdraw that question. I just read it again and realised that it was boring, and I didn't really want to know.

Ahahaha - I do that too. Sometimes I'm half way through a sentence and I get bored with myself.

The annoying thing was that I was totally leading the thread down the INTERESTING cloning path, when you lead it off down the well trodden and dreary path of vaccinations.




Ok, ok, my bad. I have started a fresh cloning thread just for your amusement, and expect a decent, slightly warped post from you. Proceed.


i never get it never had the flu either to my knowledge

Well it was only a week ago that I was saying that I'd never had a car crash in my entire life, so my mouth is staying shut.


I was one of the unlucky ones to get swine flu last season Very lucky to be alive and even thou my lungs are only just getting back to normal over 1 year later there are no other real long term effects from the treatment. Anyway i assume we are only talking about the "common flu" But i can assure you that after what i went throu there is NO ONE more afraid of getting any type of flu than me! So for me prevention is better than treatment any day. I think that is the key. These "Flu Jabs" are only meant to prevent flu. If you already have flu symptoms then Flu Jabs are far to late. I have new respect for medical science after it saved my life therefore im not about to listen to hearsay about how flu jabs are not natural or you own immune system should be doing it anyway....news flash! Ask your doctor or read one of those Flu vaccine brochures. Don’t listen to your mates view on what’s natural and healthy while sharing a cigarette over fatty fastfood and looks like hey could do with a few more hours rest.

Well I was about to post something about being knocked out for the last few days by the flu, but after reading about your swine flu I can't compete. Having said that, I'm still not going to get jabs. This is the first time I've ever really had flu so I'm guessing my body has a pretty good immune system. Each to their own, but I don't really believe in it...


I have had the flu jab for the last 8 years and haven't got the flu in that time. I did however get swine flu when it went around and it sure did kick my ass. We weren't vaccinationating for that at the time though. I have full faith in the flu jab helping your immune system. You will still get the common cold however, heaps of people don't understand that.


i had a company funded one a couple of years ago..i got so sick so never again


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