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Feeling sick after working out

I have been working out for nearly two years now but still don't understand why i sometimes feel nausia like after an intense cardio workout. Its not all the time just certain times. I wonder if its the food i eat or don't eat before a workout. Anyone else get this?

If you are still getting this I suggest you seek medical help, or possible a nutritionist something along those lines, do you keep an exercise and eating journal, you could try an eliminate certain exercises or foods from your daily intake and exercise regime and see if any of those are the cause, or you are over exercising any of those could be the cause but if that all fails go and see the doctor


Yes l remember those days. Nausea is a symptom of either over exertion during exercise, or from too abruptly ending an exercise session. The key is to wind down slowly after exerting yourself, especially if your body is not used to it. Heavy exercise causes the blood flow to be taken away from the stomach, causing nausea. It takes time for your body to get used to exercise (especially extreme exercise) if you haven't done anything for years. Keep at it, don't give up it's only the first hurdle and it gets easier. Myself l don't eat before going for a run, therefore l need to exercise first thing when l get up. Food before a run gives me the stitch.


More common is the feeling of nausea when you're just about to start a work out. Put it to the back of your mind, focus, and just do it.

I remember that feeling lol and then had to buckle down and focus and love working out now, can't believe I say it these days but I do enjoy it now


No pain, no gain. The sickness is good.


I feel like this during too, contributed to lack of oxygen I think, try control your breathing while participating and concernatrate on lengthening your breaths


It may be dehydration causing it, is it accompanied by slight dizziness? If you're training hard out and sweating heaps and haven't hydrated properly beforehand your muscles will pull moisture out of other parts of you, brain and stomach hold lots of moisture so it's the first to go causing nausea and dizziness. Have at least a couple of cups of water in the hour before training and sip as you go.


Dehyration is probably the cause - best not to overeat before working out.


I eat lightly in the mornings and more when I've finished a workout otherwise I feel awful. I need something to keep me going but I certainly notice it if I eat too much.


Carbs and water helps me, it gets easier as your body adjusts.


Drink lots of water and don't over do it!

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