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Exercise For The Over-50s

We are an ever-increasing age group that is afraid to lose our looks (even if our hair is already gone) and our vitality. Finding the right exercises for our aging bodies is a constant challenge. We are as old as we feel...do we need to be ??


Sorry the day has come when a 250mg block of chocolate can put on 2kg, it doesn’t seem fair. How can we fight the elderly flab you ask, maybe remove our glasses when we check out the mirror - that’s too easy. We can’t afford not to get moving as exercise is the key to staying strong, energetic, and healthy as you get older. It can help you manage the symptoms of illness and pain, maintain your independence, and even reverse some of the symptoms of aging. And not only is exercise good for your body—it’s good for your mind, mood, and memory. If you do manage to stay fit and healthy you can always brag about your age. I'm afraid l qualify now where did l leave my glasses?


The older you get the tougher it is to lose weight because by then your body and your fat are really good friends.


Just... can't... help it...


Personally I think we should lose the vote and our driving licenses for a start- and 50 points is a bit on the low side- some of us are pretty spritely you know. Some of us are pretty spritely you know. And we should lose the vote. Spritely.

Haha. I agree, especially for two. That's bonus points right there! And there is most definitely bonus points for the spritely ones. Not that you need to know this, being without a license and all. But as I'm being generous I'll award you with 5000 points, just for playing.

I feel safe in the knowledge that you'll most likely forget this conversation by the morning.


i prescribe an hour of listening to talk back when they are talking about softer penalty's for criminals and how owning property is ruining the economy. That should get your heart rate right up!

@Jabes too funny


Ive been sick now for quite a while but that does not stop me from trying to exercise. Trying is far better than sitting down and becoming a couch potato. Even though there are days when I really dont want to do much I still have to try. I encourage others to do the same. A little is still a great beginning


GET OFF YOUR LAZY BOY don't hold on, go visit the mens room. Besides You Need The Exercise. When elderly people get dehydrated they’re at an increased risk of a bladder infection. Infections like this are more common in elderly men, particularly those with prostate problems that leave them unable to empty their bladders properly. At risk are soldiers on parade, long haul truck drivers, workers not able to leave their work stations, gamers and couch potatoes. So when nature calls it time to GO GO GO. lol


Exercise needs to be a part of your life all the time, maybe a little more valued after 50. The old saying of "Use it or Lose it" is definitely more truce after your age starts with 5. A skiining, yoga-ing, cycling and walking 62 year old. "Go the Oldies"


My nan is 71 yrs old and started 'walking in water' for an hr, 3 times a week as she had a really bad back which was waking her up at nights and now she's so much better because of the exercise. She has lost weight, is feeling fitter, and is getting a perfect nights sleep now. It makes a massive difference for her.

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