Discussing :: Euthanasia - how do you feel about it?


Certainly a peaceful way to go without all the suffering. But it needs to be legal and should be set up so a Judge makes a rulling on it, case by case. sounds simple but we still live in the dark ages in some areas. Shame some family members get caught up in it.

I dont' think it's necessary to make every occurrence a court case. Two qualified professionals familiar with the individuals case are infinitely more qualified than any judge. Moreover, people in this situation are often in no condition to appear in court!


Anyone ever mention to friends/family while watching something or having seen something and said "put me out of my misery if that was me" If you no longer want to be part of the living world should it not be your choice? You are always going to upset someone by dying, you can't escape that fact but I find it weird that other people's feelings are more important that the wishes of the person life in question. Also I'm pretty sure in some countries close family can override a persons Do Not Resuscitate order. On a separate note what about being an organ donor? my licence says I am a donor, I knowingly filled it out that way but my family could override that if they wished after I died. I think this law needs changed also. I've made it clear to my family that is my wish and I would hate to think they would refuse my organs to be used after I die, I certainly have no more use of them.

Amen to pretty much all of that. Or they could change the organ donation to an opt out scheme, rather than opt in.


i think euthanasia should be made legal but only under very strict circumstances i.e. when the person is terminally ill and has given very clear written or oral consent for it. and just as a side note i guess suicide can never be anything but "legal"... how are you going to prosecute them if it's illegal? by giving them death sentence??

If suicide was illegal then people who attempted it and failed would be prosecuted.

That would be sad. I'm guess (and it's a compete guess) that most people who attempt are those that are unhappy with themselves and their lives, not those who are terminally ill. I guess either way, punishing a failed attempt sucks.

...with suicide victims I don't think you can punish them more than they seem to do to themselves...if they were to survive the attempt......I think it would be ridiculous to prosecute people who attempt suicide as it is with Euthanasia under the circumstances you have stated Michael....


With no other options open to him to end his life, my step-father is now starving himself to death. He is in pain every minute, he has little control of his body, he begs to die constantly. We weren't particularly close, but to see anyone dying like this is heart-breaking. Earlier someone mentioned how the Doctors who would perform assisted suicide would feel... How about the nurses who have to care for these people and wish they could do something to ease their pain and suffering. They have spoken to my mother about this and I know they think it is unfair to keep someone alive in this condition. He is now in the hospital, but if he had stopped breathing at home and Mum had called the ambulance, the Medics would have tried to get him back to life, they would have worked on him until they reached the hospital (40 minutes away) and then declared him dead. Our medical system tries to keep people alive no matter what. Maybe the focus needs to change to patient oriented care, and not base success solely on living/dying.

Definitely agree with you there. Particularly about it needing to be patient oriented care.

I feel sad to hear that it has come to the point where he's starving himself because he has no other options. It would be heartbreaking to watch somebody suffer like that and to see other family members suffering and feeling unable to do anything to help too.

I'm not sure i get you on this, as a family member you can and are legally allowed to request further pain mediation to be given. It's fairly common with dying cancer patients to technically have passed from a morphine OD. It is expected that any carer would be responsible in this respect. Begging to die from pain when it would be the obvious eventuality, surely breaches the most basic medical code of humane treatment.

Well, it's certainly not legal to request and be granted a lethal dose of morphine. And this information certainly hasn't been passed on to my mother. I do have a friend in the business, I'll talk to her about it.

This was (the important part of) her reply.

"If he is on a pain pump of some kind and it has been medically recognized that he is dying and all treatment has been ceased then he is basically receiving what he needs in order to pass comfortably.
Basically your mum can request pain meds as often as she likes but they will only give it to him if they believe him to be in pain and discomfort and they DO have a restriction as to how much they can give (though these are far more lenient than in other circumstances)

ultimately the restrictions come down to the doctors discretion.
This is an area where a lot of health care professionals are a bit nervous as, like you pointed out, if you keep giving and giving pain killers till he dies it doesn't really seem legal. The fine line is between giving enough pain killers for him to be in comfort and to pass away naturally and giving enough pain killers that it will kill him.
So ultimately, no your mum can't request he be killed through painkillers, but he has the right to die in comfort."

So it seems to come down to the discretion of nurses/doctors on staff, and as he is in a small hospital I imagine they might be a little more nervous about being held accountable for his death.


When enough is enough l guess.......... Sad for the family no matter what happens.


If someone is seriously sick they should have a choice, we show more humanity to animals.


Apparently the weekend nurse (force) fed my Step-father yogurt over the weekend. He hates yogurt. She said she made him eat it to keep his strength up (!) and that he ate it because she is stronger than he is. Wish I was there to give her a piece of my fucking mind. Mum is too polite. I should give her assertiveness lessons... But again with the dog analogy, we'd never make a dog eat to keep it alive longer when it's in uncontrollable pain. Ever.

That is sad and such a difficult situation.

I took my dog into the vet for the last time when he'd stopped eating and drinking and just before he went to the vet he had a drink, I hopped he might have another day left in him. When I took him into the vet, the vet said it's time to think about quality and not quantity and that he'd lived out his life with us, that was where the quality was... and he was right. There wasn't any point keeping the poor old chap alive, for me, just because he'd managed one last drink of water. There was nowhere to go but down and very rapidly at that.

Sometimes you just know...

....I remember when we had to put down one of our dogs it was hellishly sad....and it took me a while to get over us having to put him down....


Euthanasia ? Far too many of them....as are Euthannewzealand....guffaw....chortle...sorry it's been a long (lonely) night


I just watched Sir Terry Pratchett's documentary "Choosing to die" He has Parkinson's so rather a personal issue for him. http://vimeo.com/25239708


My father Passed away from stomach cancer last year and it was so horrible to see him slowly waste away He didnt want his remaining months on a drip suffering immense pain and agony he couldnt speak and was in and out of conscisnous due to the medication and was in hospital wth family visiting when we could It was so peacefull to finaly see him leave this world so I totaly believe in euthanasia.


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