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Euthanasia - how do you feel about it?

Currently it is completely legal to commit suicide. Whether you are sick, emotionally distressed, or can think of nothing better to do that day, you can off yourself whenever you like. But it is illegal for anyone to help you. Not only that, it's illegal for them not to stop you if they know of your intentions. So no one can even be in the room. This creates a situation where people who are terminally ill and in incredible pain, pain that can NOT be controlled by drugs except by putting them in a coma, either have to suffer through it, sometimes for months, or they have to attempt to kill themselves, alone. Not with their family around. They can't even say goodbye in case the family are then incriminated for not trying to stop them. How do you feel about this?


well i wanted to say im dead for it or against it with the whole pun thing and all but im really undecided


i suppose its tricky tho cause then you would give people the option of if they murder someone they can state they were friends and euthanased them, or if they got sick of looking after the sick relative or wanted their inheritance earlier etc etc etc so its prob more about it would open a can of legal worms if they did.

It's legal in the Netherlands and Oregon, and various other places. There are all sorts of laws in place to protect people from exploitation. You have to be terminally ill and expected to die within a year. You have to express your desire several times. You have to see two Doctors/therapists and have them agree, etc, etc.


We are nicer to our pets than we are too our fellow humans. Of course there are ethical issues involved, but some cases are just cut and dry. I would love to see it legal here.


Before? Or after?


Well I suspect that after euthanasia, one might feel somewhat better than before...


...Euthanasia has always been a sticky and very sensitive subject....especially in regard to the ethical, moral, religious beliefs and values relating to the act.... ...For me it comes down to circumstance and certain situations when it could be acceptable i.e. terminal illness and mutual agreement between the person committing it and the terminally ill person....because I can only imagine the emotional turmoil the person who has been asked to commit the act must be feeling especially if they have a strong emotional connection to the person....that would be unbearable...can they live with what they have been asked to do....there is an element of guilt either way.... ....If it helps to ease one's pain and suffering and they are incapable of doing it themselves and it is mutually agreed is that a bad thing, is that consider reasonable enough to act on....does it make us better people to stand there and watch them suffering a horrible painstaking death knowing what there wishes were....its one of the intensely debated questions ease their suffering or prolong their suffering..... ...I hope to hell one never has to be in such a situation.....


Someone in my family is in exactly this situation now. And he rightly said that we would not let a dog suffer in the way he is suffering. I don't believe it comes down to religious beliefs at all. This is used as an excuse not to make it legal all too often. He's not MY God, why should I be forced to follow his rules? Morals and ethics are very similar. Morals define personal character, while ethics stress a social system in which those morals are applied. Either way it comes down to the fact that helping someone die is no different than them killing themselves if it is their will. Except it is kinder. And they can say their goodbyes, and be with their loved ones when they die. I know I'm in the minority, but I would have no problem helping someone to die under certain circumstances, eg. it's their will, they are in excruciating pain, they have expressed this wish for a while and never wavered about it, etc. I firmly believe that it will be made legal, and fairly soon, but I think it is unfair on all the people who are dying painful deaths (and do not want to be) before that day.

...I think religion merits a definite mention...I'm not religious but I suspect some people who are in this circumstance and are religious would have concerns....and I am talking from the perspective of the person who will assist...in easing the suffering....why shouldn't someone who is religious not consider it and I wouldn't think that someone in that type of position would use it as and excuse for not wanting to do it, I don't believe that alone would be the determining factor....

...Yes I know that morals and ethics are similar....but am sure they too are also considered...no one jumps in and says okay let's do it...lets get the show on the road....without all these things going through their head....yes the person once their suffering eased...but once they have passed away the person who assisted...has to live with it...and guilt even if they have agreed to do it...it will eat at them...perhaps they have happiness in knowing that they have helped their loved one but total peace of mind?.....

....Euthanasia will always be a subject of strong debate with advocates for and against....of course It is unfair that a terminally ill person who is suffering and in constant pain wants to die, and the legislature stops them from doing so, it definitely needs sorting....but from my point of view and views will most definitely vary.....mine is with the person who assisted.....and how they cope after the act

Well, no one would be forced to perform assisted suicide. There are certain medical professionals who would, and others who would choose not to. This is something some people could do, and be happy to do, and some people just could not. Just like there are doctors who perform abortions. That's something I definitely couldn't do, though I'm not at all against a woman's right to choose.

And people who oppose euthanasia based on religious grounds don't have to choose assisted suicide as an option for themselves, just like people who are against same sex marriage don't have to get one.

...definitely...but when you are asked....to do so that can play on a person, how does one answer such a request....

...It does need to be made legal and that medical professionals who choose to perform Euthanasia are able to do so without repercussion so in my opinion people particularly family do not have to do so if they do not want to do it....and I agree some can and some can't and I can't see myself being able to do that....but ask me again if it is one of my own who is suffering and it is not legal my answer may be different under the circumstance.

....I don't think religious grounds would be the only basis to oppose Euthanasia but it will be an aspect of a number of factors and I am talking from the point of view of the person assisting not the person who wants Euthanasia...how their religious beliefs among other things effective their decision to assist.....


I'm conflicted on this one and would have to say I am not strongly for or against it. I'm not sure I'd cope myself, being the one to suffer through the pain with nowhere to go but downhill. I'm certain I wouldn't cope well witnessing a family member going through it either. I also take my pets to the vet when they are ready. It has been very clear to me when they were ready. My last dog was no longer drinking or eating and so weak. I wonder about how awful it might be to have family members divided over the situation too.

....there would definitely be conflict in my family....and in my extended family also....and I don't know how I would handle or be able to cope with it myself if I was asked...it would be a total internal conflict with me doing it to ease their pain and suffering...but I know how I would feel after the fact and I know how the majority of my family and friends would feel toward me.....there would definitely be division

I'm pretty sure I'm the only person in my family who could do it. I only know of one other person who I think might have been able to help someone die, and he died of cancer a few months ago. And I had NOTHING to do with that, honest!

But I could also only do it if I was 100% sure that's what they wanted. And probably only if immediate family members understood and supported the person's decision.

.....Yeah...I know my family well enough to know that it would be on if something like Euthanasia was to happen in our family....it makes me wonder though because 3 of my aunties all sisters from the same family died in the last 15 months all from cancer....I wonder what they would do and if they considered the option of Euthanasia......and how my cousins would have reacted to it.....

I hate that 5 minutes to edit post Frank Grrrr

Oh DeeDee, I'm so sorry to hear about your aunties. That must have been impossibly difficult for your family. Cancer is such a cruel disease.

....it's okay...it was a cruel series of events considering the last Aunty who passed away hers happened very rapidly.....they were mums first cousins...and she took it pretty bad, as they all grew up together...and yes cancer is cruel without a doubt, but am happy somewhat that my mum and her sisters have all been for check ups and do so regularly and are all fine.....

I'm looking forward to when they have a blood test to work out whether you have any type of cancer, or even if you have a predisposition towards something. There are so many people in my family who've had cancer it's a little terrifying. I cling to the fact that my Gran lived into her 90s and hope I take after her. Although she was single for the last 54 years of her life, so I'm kind of hoping I don't take after her in that respect...

Yes I hope someone comes up with cures for these hideous illnesses.....There have been a number of cancer scares in my extended family on my mums side...but luckily her and all her sisters now get checked regularly and they all seem to be fine...but it is still a concern to us all, that my cousins and sisters that are over the age of 40 are pushing for regular checks too......it so so sad....and I feel the same way...both of my grandmothers lived very long and healthy lives...so am hoping that, that remains with us all too.....it is such a terrifying condition


That's true about family members, KH, but I guess that's another reason why it has to be the person's choice, and nobody else's. Probably how you feel on this issue comes clear when you have someone that you care about greatly dies a horrible, slow, painful death. My Aunt died a few years ago, of cancer, and she wanted to have the option to die when things got too unbearable. I don't think she would have actually used it in the end. And this is the case for a lot of people. Just knowing you have the option can relieve a lot of the stress and worry. But seeing your body and mind deteriorate and knowing it's never going to get better, and it's only going to get a lot worse, and more painful, until you finally die... I can't even imagine. It's not kind, it's not fair, it's inhumane.

And I guess there are times when you have that power in your hands. When it come time to make decisions about when to turn life support off, which could of course have family members divided also.

Yeah, that's actually viewed as a different issue though. That's stopping life extending treatment, as opposed to giving a medicine that will actually end life. One is passive (and legal), the other is active (and illegal).

Yeah, I was just thinking about it in terms of people managing to get through in those situations, even when there could be major conflict, during what could also be one of the most stressful situations.


I'm for it, I'd hate to be in pain for longer that I had to.

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