Discussing :: Eggs, good source of protein, or just as bad as ciggarettes?


Yup, great source of protein, specially in the morning ;)

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Great source of protein......and cholesterol. Egg whites are pretty healthy but yokes are not so good for you .

Disagree w. You there the yokes contain most of the eggs nutrients and also the cholesterol(which the body requires to produce testosterone-)


I think eggs are a good source of protein. I would really question articles that say they are as bad as smokes. I even went to the doctor the other day and he actually recommended that I eat more eggs such as one a day so I think they must be a good for you if medical people are recommending it.


Wicked source of protein and important source of cholesterol


Eggs are good, no question. Especially as soft food after oral surgery. Don't believe all the comments about things being bad for you otherwise you won't eat or drink anything. Everything in moderation I say ... where did I put that beer? ...


Good fresh, organic free range eggs are a healthy food option and should not be compared to cigarettes.


Think im going to have to agree with dee dee,would rather eat a yummy eggs benedict,or a healthy omelette,and smell like rotorua when i pass wind,then cough and splutter on a smoke,and im a smoker lol

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