Discussing :: Eggs, good source of protein, or just as bad as ciggarettes?


Eggs are a staple in my diet. I had 6 yesterday alone. That they, or any other natural food could be in the same class as cigarettes is ludicrous and a gross overstatement. The worry people have with egg yolk is the high amount of cholesterol in them. The common misconception is that cholesterol is bad, when in reality the body needs it just like it needs fat. It helps maintain cell walls.
Eggs have been shown to raise HDL (good) cholesterol and the LDL (bad) cholesterol was unchanged. So I say go for it, if you're older and having cholesterol issues then ask your doctor then ask a nutritionist as well.


I have started to eat a good amount of eggs lately. The protein keeps you full longer so you aren't tempted to snack on other foods.


Great source of protein!!! Love them in my salads!


Eggs are healthy, good source of protein and good for you. There was something about them being full of cholesterol a while back, but that's been disproved.


eggs twice a week for me is enough
gave up smoking 18yrs ago


an egg is a storehouse of vital nutrients, making them an integral part of a healthy diet. And for those of you who are afraid of indulging in this power food because you're worried that it will add to your weight, remember, one egg contains about 80 calories and about five grams of fat. Hence, smart consumption is a far healthier option to cutting them out completely.


A great source of protein.


Eggs are great, not only for their protein (although you might need more if you're weight training etc) but also all the nutrients they have. Of course you shouldn't eat heaps and heaps of them (cholesterol), but that's for any sort of food.


Comparing eggs with ciggies? Give me eggs any day!


Found this in a mens health news magazine!
A new study suggests eating eggs damages your heart like smoking. Huh? That’s the finding of research published in the journal Atherosclerosis.

Here’s the study: Scientists asked over 1,200 middle-aged patients about their egg yolk eating and smoking habits and measured the plaque accumulation in their arteries. People who consumed three or more yolks per week had a slightly greater total plaque area than people who ate two or fewer egg yolks a week. The conclusion? Egg consumption speeds up atherosclerosis—or hardening of the arteries—in a similar fashion as lighting up.

But will eggs really leave you face down in your plate at the diner? Nope, says Alan Aragon, M.S., Men’s Health nutrition advisor. See, egg yolks have long been vilified because of their cholesterol content. But recent evidence suggests that the cholesterol in eggs doesn’t contribute to heart disease. And dietary cholesterol itself may not damage arteries anyway.

Most sources I've read say it's OK to eat eggs but, like anything else, in moderation and probably no more than one a day. It's often what people eat with the eggs (bacon, hash browns, sausages etc) that causes more problems.

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