Discussing :: Eggs, good source of protein, or just as bad as ciggarettes?


what about the eggs makes them as bad as cigarettes?


I LOVE EGGS! eat them everyday. Prob not ideal but there are worse things i could be eating daily


When I'm not sure about whether something is good or bad for me I think about the fact that our bodies evolved in caveman times... if a caveman or cavewoman would have eaten it, it's probably good for you.

If there is no way a caveperson would have eaten it (artificial sugar, refined flour, candy bars) then it's probably not so good for you.


I cut eggs out of my diet and have been feeling a load better - can't really say why, just works for me.


If I have a good breakfast which includes eggs I can go without lunch and have a early tea about 4.30. If I just have toast and coffee then i'm eating again at 12 or 1pm


eggs are amazing for keeping you feeling full. but do eat in moderation. nobody needs a 6 egg ommolette daily


Really ... blimey we eat so many eggs... think I ought to do a bit of research!! Thanks heaps for this!


You could live better on a diet of eggs, than a diet of cigarettes. Much cheaper too.
Never heard anyone complain that they had a habit of eating several cartons of eggs per day.
Oh, that thing on my shoulder? It's a patch containing egg to help me get over the habit. No yolk.


Eggs are a great food. Don't listen to all the nutters who say otherwise. It has been a staple of man's diet since the beginning of time!


Two fresh eggs a spinach from the hens and garden in my backyard better then a pack of cigarettes to start the day

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