Discussing :: Eggs, good source of protein, or just as bad as ciggarettes?


Egg are the excellent source of the protein and energy.
They offer us a lot of power for the significant. If you take eggs in morning meal you can do effort quickly.
Eggs are very essential for the muscle tissue developing and muscle tissue restoration because they offer too much aminoacids.
You can eat highest possible four eggs everyday, consuming too much eggs may be dangerous for the wellness because it can causes hypertension.

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Eggs are good source of the protein and energy.
They are the super food which are recommended for the muscles building, fat burning, and getting too much energy to improve the overall performance.


Yes of course eggs are very important for our health and fitness specially they play an important role in the muscles building and muscles recovery because they provide too much of the natural protein. Eat more of the eggs in your breakfast because they also provide the energy for the hardworking along with the protein.


Nothings wrong with eggs just don't eat to many i would have an egg or two over smoking any day


Eggs, gotta love them. So versatile.


Haven't had any egg for 18 years... I feel great!


I think eggs are ok to eat and I dont think there anywhere near how bad ciggarettes I just think its just another study that scientists have taken on that the media have taken to far. I dont think you will find any reliable or valid data to suggest that eggs are as bad as ciggarettes


Might be time to stop reading so much stuff online, where anyone can write and publish anything regardless of it's factuality.


If eggs were bad for you hospitals are unlikely to serve them and most definitely wouldn't serve you cigarettes.


Can you argue with the health experts ? But eggs as bad as ciggies- really ? These little food bombs are as good or probably better than most foods and drinks we regularly consume and like all things take in moderation.


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