Discussing :: Eggs, good source of protein, or just as bad as ciggarettes?


Eggs, good source of protein, or just as bad as ciggarettes?

Recently i read something that said eggs were as bad as cigarettes for you, specifically the yolks. Whats everyone's take on this I myself enjoy eggs but it seems these days everything you enjoy is some how detrimental to your health. :P


I go on a low-carb diet every two or 3 weeks just to keep a healthyweight and when i do i eat nearly 2 dozen eggs a week!I never get sick,and fell 100% better when im on the diet and have a heap of energy,in my opinion i cant see how they can be bad for you when the come from an animal and i feel so great and never get sick and majority of my food intake is made up of eggs :)


I always thought they were about 12% fat and obviously full of protein. I am a vege but eat diary and eggs - a lot! I think most things in moderation are ok. With 200 poisons in cigarettes and 4000 chemicals I'm gonna guess they are worse for your health! :O)


You would have to eat like 30 a day for them to be as bad as ciggarettes!

lol - how long could you keep that up? :D


yes, great source of protein, helps great with recovery in the mornings


Never got a hacking cough from eating eggs. They're all good.


Eggs, potatos, red meat.... they've all been talked about as being bad for you at some stage but we all know that they have more good things in them than they have bad and just vary your diet. I love my eggs and I can cook a perfect poached one..... something else everyone expects me to make in our household.


egg whites only for good healthy protein intake.


Egg are the excellent source of the protein and energy. They offer us a lot of power for the significant. If you take eggs in morning meal you can do effort quickly. Eggs are very essential for the muscle tissue developing and muscle tissue restoration because they offer too much aminoacids. You can eat highest possible four eggs everyday, consuming too much eggs may be dangerous for the wellness because it can causes hypertension.


....eggs are a great source of protein...more so if just the whites.....so I would question the merits of comparing eggs being bad as ciggies....they are versatile and have great health factors....there are always articles for and against what is better to eat....some even slightly overboard but I would prefer eating a well poached egg or omelette over the choking and spluttering and stinky smell of cigarettes any day

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