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Easiest ways to slim your abs

We are coming into the warmer months. Nothing is more important than to look good in your short shorts (or togs) at the beach.

Any tips are welcome - Please post some tips!

My tip is while brushing your teeth rock your upper body from side to side (back and forth). This not only encourages you to brush your teeth for the recommended 2 minutes but also helps you strengthen your abs.

I have been doing this for 5 weeks (at first I kept forgetting but now it's almost habit) I am noticing a massive difference (perhaps I can post some dumb before and after shots).

The most interesting thing about this is I feel like I have to do it each time I brush my teeth! I automatically start rocking (even when I am half awake getting home from town). - TRY IT.

I like it! I was going to say something banal like "stop eating", which I still maintain would work very well, but I really like your idea and will try it. Do post some before and after shots, especially if there's a noticeable difference. Do you rock slowly from side to side, or fast? How far do you go?
I've realised recently that I can get some exercise done before I leave the bedroom in the morning so I've started doing as many push ups and crunches as I can. Also burpees (now I know what the hell they are) but I really like the idea of combining an exercise with some other activity that you do every day.
Any others?

I find grocery shopping provides a wonderful opportunity for popping a few extra exercises into my day. First, always walk on pointe, always! Then there is obviously the grande jetes to reach for object on high shelves,
pas de chat to move between people's shopping carts and other tight spaces. I think plies whilst waiting in the queue is appropriate. And of course you can throw in a few trapeze moves with an upright rise onto the handle of your shopping cart as you plow through the parking lot.

I hear singing loudly is also very good for increasing your lung capacity. Highly recommended.

Nice pic Fiona, I shall imagine you doing this every time you leave the house.


Do you mean slim your waist or define your stomach muscles? That rocking and brushing sounds like it may spread toothpaste splatter rather than trim anything down? But hey if its working why not. You could add in some dance moves, maybe some twirls and leg raises to work on the obiques. (Mind the basin)

Hahaha! Thanks for the visual, Marked.

Dear GetFrank - where is that 'like' button?!?


"Nothing is more important than to look good in your short shorts (or togs) at the beach"? Wow! Really? Nothing?? Then I clearly need to revisit my list of priorities!!!


Oh, and welcome to the madhouse. Stick around...


Going for a run every other day will make you lose weight which will uncover your abs. I used to go to the gym lots but I notiice my abs more now that I go for runs.

you're right, you've got to totally sweat to lose fat. aim for the 150-180 beats per minute and no chocolate bars after!

But the chocolate bar is the best paaaaaart!!!


Isn't fat just the body storing excess calories? Would it be totally naive of me to suggest that simply consuming less calories than you burned would get rid of the fat? Sure it might take a little longer...

Ahhh @Jason but you still need to gain muscle! The loss of fat doesn't mean more muscle.

My bad, I thought we were just going for a loss of fat in order to define the muscle. If I'd known I was going for a set of breasts too I would have started cleaning my teeth this morning, and would still be going now....





I have never, EVER seen a bra that big. What else could you carry around in it if she wasn't wearing it?

Waist Rolls of Fat: It’s hard work but we need to commit exercise at least 3 to 4 times of cardiovascular and resistance training a week to lose it. You can walk off the weight walking or jogging 30 minutes a day. Start slow then break up your walking or light jogging routine by stopping at 10-minute intervals to do abdominal workouts. Try skipping for 3-5 minutes. It all helps burn that fat and needs to be a normal routine.
I need to exercise regularly to keep my weight under control, and if you get into running you feel so much healthier after that shot of Adrenalin. FREE DRUGS!

I read recently that Scientists found that small amounts of dark chocolate may improve health in a similar way to exercise. She maybe over doing it!

Just a kilo or two huh?

Wow she could really bring the pain, S'pose one could use her bra as a parachute to save ones life





God, if I looked like that I'd never leave the house!

Very nice after shot, certainly a nice goal to chase!

My wife used to look like this ONCE, opps did l say that out loud.


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