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Don't be a chicken - Eat raw eggs

You may need a will of iron, a strong stomach, and the culinary courage of Bear Grylls, but apparently a daily dose of raw, unheated, organic eggs from a clean source could give you a massive health boost. Packed with high quality proteins and fat, raw eggs are championed for boosting both your immune system and your brain power. Long-favoured by bodybuilders and those recovering from the ‘mother of all hangovers’, raw eggs have taken a bit of a hit in recent years because of fears of salmonella. Has anyone out there dabbled with raw eggs? How did you find it and what were the benefits? Given the choice, I think I would opt for swallowing a tree weta or a witchetty grub.


...all I can say is yuck! I tried it once and gross gross gross....put me right of....if someone can stomach it good luck to them....not for the faint hearted....prefer mine poached or as an omelette


I used to do the raw egg thing as a kid when I heard body builders did it. Never had a problem with it until I started hearing how ill you could get from it. Haven't done it since. If it's that good for you I might have to try it again!


nah i think im going to give it a miss, with risks of contracting the Salmonella bacteria or viruses like the Avian flu virus (albeit the chances are small), I think I am going to stick with cooked eggs and continue being a chicken! Although i do eat runny eggs sometimes - apparently it is most healthy when eating your yolks raw and egg white cooked...

.....I totally agree with you on this one Michael to me cooked is way better than raw eggs...and yes the risks of catching something also freaks me out to.....


Could never eat them raw!..... Yuck!


Raw Egg Whites are a piece of cake to swallow and are certainly good for you. Yokes on the other hand, l'll pass thanks. Why can't you tease egg whites? They can't take a yolk.


i hear raw egg is good for you but you have to get use to the gross taste first.i use to know someone who had 4 raw eggs in a glass which they had every morning before they went to the gym..not my thing but i have tried it once before as a dare....


I think this is gross. If there is any disease you will be swallowing that as well. I just like my eggs boiled or fried, helps kill any bugs before I eat it.


The only one in this house who could stomach raw eggs is the cat and even then he needs milk mixed in. And he eats most anything so what does this say.


nah i dont eat raw eggs but we have our own free range chickens so i have one either poached or fried (with no oil) for breakfast most mornings! think they are pretty healthy

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