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Dietary Supplements - Are they a Have??

I have looked at weight loss and fitness over many years. I have tried numerous diets and even looked at dietary supplements. I have yet to find a diet shake or supplement that does not have the same rider: - "Only effective when used in conjunction with sensible diet and exercise." It is my contention that sensible diet and exercise alone will produce the desired effect of weight loss and fitness. Why spend money on expensive shakes and diet foods if the same effect can be achieved withouy them.


Totally agree with you Paul. I am firmly of the belief that these supplements (unless they are amphetamines) sell hope alone/


Losing weight is about commitment.

...gosh when I imagined what you looked like Wice this was the furthest thing from my mind.....that must be winter weight surely?....


....ditch the pills a good old healthy work out...cant beat that!!!!....

...nothing can replace a good diet and exercise plan maintaining that and improving quality of life...I know I have tried heaps of different things over my life time but it is usually the same words spoken so many times...health lifestyle combined with exercise...and a bit of laughter and music for the soul (those are my add ins)....lol


Or learn to celebrate your rotundness!

...omg...he better watch out his water might break....he must be due at any moment....


sounds like you answered your own question..absolutely a con job good way to lighten you wallet


Still hungry after that big meal? Maybe that's your Intestinal Worm talking to you.

hah! Now that was so funny...and then not!

Lap it up KH


as you get older a good brisk walk each morning sets you up for the day

I find it hard enough to get up in the morning as it is!

....for me its at night....cause I have all this stuff going on in my head...when I am lying in bed...I have to resort to writing down stuff just so I don't have all this stuff floating around while I'm trying to go shut eye....the mornings are not to bad.....


Dietary Supplements are just that...Supplements. There is no greater fat burning weapon that 5-7 healthy meals per day with targeted fat burning exercise, the issue is one of convenience. Trying to fit in those meals when your busy or simply trying to chew through that much food is a big ask, knocking back a fat burning protein shake is a lot easier on time and the stomach. Fat burning capsules assist in accelerating the process and send the signal to the body to utilize fat as a fuel source when used correctly.

...yep totally agree healthy exercise and meal plan is the answer....was wondering what year is your Kiwi jersey?.....

Reply to Dee Dee regarding the Kiwi League Jersey in my Profile pic,

2011 Four Nations - signed by the squad.


Caffeinated energy drinks such as Red Bull and its scores of cousins have become a familiar presence in sports. Some athletes and industry officials compare the beverages to a cup of coffee. But doctors and other experts increasingly warn of misunderstandings about energy drinks' contents, lax labelling requirements and the risks of high doses of caffeine — particularly to young athletes. These energy drinks may give an athlete a boost of energy, but it also loads up the heart. Caution is required in how much you drink.

...where did energy drinks come from....lol I thought we were on supplements.....am I missing something?

Its the overdosing of Caffeine, some young athletes are suffering from heart problems as a result.
People need to read the label and ask if they don't understand whats in the drink.

....I'm all about labels on food and drinks but alas some are not so informed....but yes I agree that labels should be more easily readable and get straight to the point...as long as they don't turn out like cigarette packets that display the results of having to smoke them....some of those pictures are hideous and can't believe it doesn't scare the bejesus out of more smokers to give up....

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