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Diet over exercise?

I have seen a massive influx in these "6 week bootcamps" popping up everywhere, but from a person I follow on facebook who is running one he suggests that diet is key. No matter how hard you exercise or do those sit ups, unless you get your diet right your not going to see that 6 pack coming through.


IMHO - you aren't going to lose a lot of fat unless you eat less. And you can't see a 6 pack if it's covered in a layer of fat.. But you'd actually have to work out to get one, I'd assume... So my vote, if a 6 pack is the goal, would be to do both.


in my opinion, everyone is different, if you are already eating equivalent in to out, then exercise will be the game changer. however most people have more food coming in than being used, so the usually the general rule of thumb is change your diet and see most noticeable changes


If you are active enough, if you have an exercise you really enjoy, it makes losing weight fairly easy. It kind of depends on what your personal strength and weakness is, and being honest about what is going to work best for you. Spend some time at a gym, and see how long, and how much effort it takes to burn up a 1000 calories. That in itself is a wake up call to looking at how much calories are contained in what you eat. There can be a huge difference in what your favorite foods are, and what foods are convenient.


I think you need to exercise and eat properly, not necessarly diet


if you diet it might give you short-term results. boot-camps are short-term in nature too, so maybe they go hand-in-hand - diets and boot-camps. Of course if you are wanting results (including a 6pack) it helps to have a decent intake of food. I'm not saying diet because I think you can still get results as long as you're eating averagely. Think a bit of veges each meal (especially dinner), not too many takeaways (maybe once or twice a week tops) and plenty of water. Then you need the exercise on top of that. Cardio is great but it all depends what your goals are.


Both have to be in moderation, and both have to be practised to get real benefits


People seem to get awfully keen on this or that idea, the next new fad thats even easier than the last (Latest and dumbest dummys-style book title I've laughed at was something like "Learn *really complex coding language* in 10 minutes"). Face it - looking after yourself in an age when most of us sit for many hours a day and eat more than we should, is actually hard work - or at least takes some motivation. There is no quick fix - those 'quick fixes' are usually someone just wanting to make a buck off you. Exercise *and* diet or just a healthy lifestyle filled with activity...


I think you have to look at both diet and exercise when aiming at your body goals. There is actually a lot of good advice in the comments here so those that believe everything in some womens mags are better off looking at some of these comments instead


Sometimes when I am exercising a lot I end up eating more but I generally feel like eating healthier stuff so that's a bonus. A balance of diet and exercise is good I think. I always think of it as 'cleaning up' - sweating and getting my body strong and then feeding it only good stuff so my insides are in good working order too!

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