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Hi everyone out there. So pleased I could start an informative forum on one of the biggest health disasters facing the worlds population with such a low amount of comments. I hope there is no one out there suffering from this disease. But if you want any advice just drop a line here. Cheers


Anyone read the book "What the Fat". If you are a diabetic, i reccommend it. If you are fat you really need this book.


Quatered my carb intake and now take two thirds less insulin as a result. This is a winning formula.


Healthy people everywhere or falling readership at Get Frank?? You decide!!


My friend is making a mini-doco called 'Blood Sugar' about his daughter who was diagnosed with diabetes when she was really young. She's 4 now. Short clip about it here: http://www.joehitchcock.com/


I recently had a blood test and my doctor told me I was Pre Diabetic and should be very careful about my diet.This came as a bit of a shock as the year before I was diagnosed with Emphysema C.O.P.D and AF heart trouble. Then later in the same year my arthritis medication had to be changed. So the last thing I needed was to be told I could be diabetic. I thought I was pretty good with the things I ate and tried to exercise as much as I could. As I am 63 I have slowed down a lot, but you can't keep a good man down.

Mate, you have alot to deal with. I have a mate with Emphysema and it has stopped him in his tracks. Cant even walk to the letterbox without needing a sit down to recover. Enjoy the life you have.


My friend just made a 3 minute doco called Blood Sugar, about his 4 year old daughter who has diabetes. It's worth 3 minutes of your time :)



Watched the doco. Well done to your friend for sharing this. Must be terrible being a little kid with type 1. All your little friends eating shit food and you cant. I was lucky in a way as it didnt get me until my thirties.

Hard for parents and kids. I can't imagine having to help my child through this. It's bad enough when they get a lingering cough or sore throat.


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