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Thanks good thing to be aware off everyone make sure you get a check chemists do it too


I have just recently been diagnosed with Diabetes, I am 61 and have had Emphysema with C.O.P.D for over 4 yrs I also have both forms of Arthritis. I have special diets for these illnesess, now I have another special diet for Diabetes which is totally against my other diets, seems I am stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Hi there, You didnt mention if your diabetes was Type 1 or 2. Type two you can get rid of through diet and excercise type one you are stuck with. Sounds like you have afew things going on so best you get advice from your Dr, however I have found that alot of general MD's have a limited knowledge and tend to recite what they read. unfortunately diabetes is not a one type fits all kind of thing and I believe you are best to see a specialist Endocronologist or even your trained Diabetes nurse. Talk to other sufferers as well for a broader in sight. All the best.


Diabetes. Still going strong. Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Health & fitness. Number one, dont get diabetes!! Number two, refer to number one. Hope everyone is well and no one needs any advice on this matter. You must all be well. Good news!


Hey, Hey,Hey good news, no one has contracted diabetes since I last checked in. Keep up the good work!!


Get Frank must be losing it's appeal. One month, no comments and only moved down three spaces from the top!! Perhaps some more marketing Get Frank or some more prizes!!!


Love this shit.


Im trying my best not to get diabetes ,by eating healthy most of the time ,however I wonder more when rather than if I will loose the battle ,father is type 2 ,on meds ,mother also but not on meds and sister also on meds ,none of my family are obese either ,neither am I ,so what does one do ,so far so good ,but I feel it's only a matter of time,hopefully a cure will be found soon .


If your family is all type two it is unusual considering none of them are overweight. I was first diagnosed as type 2, not overweight, heaps of excercise and only 30 at the time so I didint fit the mould. Some people believe its a viral infection you can get that causes it. I think its because even though I was fit and healty I did o/d on V & Red Bull type drinks which is a huge hit on your system. Anyway, last night on Seven Sharp there was a piece on the new fat diet. Very interesting and worth a look whatthefat.com. Anyhow dont die wondering cause if it comes about there is F**k all you can do about it accept adapt. Hope you dont get this SH*T.


All going well in the world of Diabetes I assume!! No advice required?? Currently five weeks into this What the fat diet. Has helped immensly with the insulin required on a daily basis and Ive even managed to shed 5kg. Not bad and worth a look. It really makes you think about what you eat rather than just jamming everything between two slices of bread on the run.


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