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Good stuff Gunner. Often it is a case of finding the right person with the right knowledge. It took a number of years before I found someone who actually knew what I was talking about in some instances. Alot of the professionals only learn from books and they do not suffer from the condition. Alot of the treatment is hit and miss as our bodies are all different as are our metabolisims. I was diagnoised with type 2, I was not overweight, was only 32 and very active. I did not fit the stereotype of a type 2 sufferer. My diabetes then morphed into type 1, and no one knew why. Anyway its something I had to learn to live with and every day you wake up is a good day!! Cheers


so sad to make changes with my eating habits and do exercise because of diabetes. I wonder if its better to take meds than do all these changes? how i wish this disease is not hereditary. you have no way of avoiding it. it will get you at some point and its unfair.

You should be happy to make positive changes to your lifestyle. these changes will be very good for you in the long run. Think about living long enought to watch your kids grow up and see your grandchildren. There is no way that taking pills or injecting yourself six times a day (like I do) is better than making some lifestyle changes. Life is not fair. I felt sorry for myself for about 1 minute when I was diagnoised, I was in the Dr's reception and saw a little girl in a wheel chair with a cathitar. She wouldl never walk, run or play like other kids. I think you need to pull your socks up, get over the self pity and think about how your actions are going to affect your loved ones. Life is for living not crying about. I hope for your sake you come to your senses and make some positive changes.


I recently learnt from my dad last weekend that he has Type2 Diabetes and that gave me the get-up-and-go to get my health checked. Throughout my family I have got at least 6 people + who have got Diabetes not including my x-husband who has type2 as well. I have to really make sure that my daughter keeps getting checked up as well. I don't drink alcohol but do have sugar in my coffee in the mornings. I am trying to keep up my excercise by swimming when I can, walking around this area and constantly trying to find other alternative ways to help combat diabetes

Its great to hear you are taking positive steps to combat your situation. Big ups to you and I wish you every success. Cheers


Here I am again. Happy New Year!! I managed to survive without a major diabetic episode through excessive drink or food, but I must say what was on offer was tempting!! I see no more posts on here so either the diabetic epidemic has dried up or; my quick wit and humour has cured everyone (they do say laughter is the best medicine!) or simply that everyone has had far too much fun partying to stop in at Get Frank to comment on anything. Well here is to a fantastic diabetes free (Yeah right) year and I hope to see some more comments right here soon. Cheers


Happy, Happy, Happy!! Diabetes at bay.


Tried acupuncture for the first time ten days ago. I must say I am a sceptic when it comes to this but I have seen a marked improvement in my sugars since then. Had it again today so I will report back in due course and let you all know if the trend continues. Cheers


We are only supposed to have 6 teaspoons of sugar per day. Children fundraising by selling chocolate bars should be selling sugar free snacks?


Have to agree with that statement. However it has only been in the last few days that the reccommended intake of sugar has been halved to six spoons!


i myself dont, and there has been no cases in my direct lineage, but, i will keep an eye out for my baby girl whos 8yo, and drinks a very considerable amount of fluids, now being that it was another cracker summer, i had just put it down to the heat, i will however,be keeping an eye out over the colder months,if the drinking habit stays the same,then will have to be investigated further,as i hear that consuming alot of liquids cn be a sign of diabetes

Seriously mate, if your little girl is showing any signs get her checked out immediately. Do not wait because every day it goes undetected it is doing more irreversible damage. It is very simple to check, and will only take a minute. Do it for your daughters sake.


Hi all. Heres an update on my Diabetes. You wouldnt believe what an amazing effect acupunture has had on my diabetes. In the three months since my first treatment my 3 month average (HBA1C) has fallen from over 10 to 7.7. This is a BIG deal when it comes to diabetes. This means my system is under way less stress and my body is not breaking down like it would with higher readings. I'm almost in the normal range which is the first time in 12 years. If you suffer from Diabetes and suggest you try acupunture. Cheers.

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