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Well I know that having diabettes is no sure way to prevent Prostate cancer but hopefully someone out there will already recognise I have received my shit sandwich and wont decide prostate cancer would be good for me too!!


I've a couple of friends who are diagnosed with diabetes and I do worry about them, eating well and carefully is critical


Morning walk is helpful for diabetes patient ? :S

top level fit

Morninig walk is a great thing. As is any type of excercise. I think everyone should exercise at least half an hour every day. The body needs it.


Morninig walk is a great thing. As is any type of excercise. I think everyone should exercise at least half an hour every day. The body needs it.


Hi Everyone, me again!! Just like Diabetes, I wont go away!! Hope that new Hubbards passionfruit & vanilla museli is going to be alright with my condition. I did ask Dick once if he could make a cereal just for us Diabetics to which he replied there was one in the pipeline. That was six years ago and I still havent spotted it on the supermarket shelves!! Anyway this one should be good.


Hey, hey, hey its Fat Albert!! No, I thought I would just come and add that I should not eat Griffins Toffee Pops! But they are the best directly from the fridge and on the odd occassion I have had to inject an extra couple of units of insulin to offset the effects. Good on you Griffins!! How about developing a yummy biscuit for diabetics!


I have diabetes and used to inject using huge big needles in days of old. Im now brain damaged from having a hypoglycaemic episode and had to learn to do everything again from walking talking eating drinking etc and Im that stoked to now be alive. It really is a small thing to look after oneself and life and the people in your life are really the amazing thing. Do acknowledge the people in your life most especially your family because when the shit hits the fan they are the only ones who really do have your back.


Thats a pretty amazing story Bradie. You get told about all the nasty things that can happen but not often do I get to hear it from the horses mouth. i am pleased you survived and I hope you have your diabetes under control. I know its not easy.


Im 23 years old and have had type One diabetes since i was 12 years. It has been with me for almost half my life and there has been a lot of positives and negatives for me personally. My Blood testing and injections have became part of my routine and i have been blessed with my body reacting to my medications. I am active playing rugby,squash and muay thai kickboxing and eat sensibly. It doesnt take a genius to work out that if you are good to your body, it will be good to you. i am aware that every person has a different outlook and case and it is hard to grasp good control over themselves. i still treat myself with KFC, cakes and beers out with my mates. i dont over indulge and i listen to my body. being extremely active allows me to treat myself accordingly. i would never eat high sugar foods if my blood sugars are not under control. there are heaps of little life changes to help with your diabetes, if yopu feel tempted to drink, go ahead dont use diabetes as an excuse, i do suggest low card beers as they have almost zero sugars and they also taste good. remember, dont let diabetes control you....you control the diabetes !

Hey Dan. Awesome input. Like youself, I also stay very active with Tae Kwon Do & Touch. You sound like you have got it pretty much sorted. Low carb beer (Stella Leggre for me) and moderation in most things seems to pay off. Do you every get those really frustrating occasions when you know you have done everything right but your readings just suck? Love your attitude. Keep up the good work. Cheers


It's really scary to see how many people are being diagnosed with diabetes - not only in NZ but throughout the world. It's true that our lifestyle has become one of work hard - eat poorly - exercise little. I know that my lifestyle is to blame for my being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes a year ago. I've corrected a lot of my eating habits but still struggle to find time to exercise due to long hours at work. I'm normally too knackered to do any exercise by the time I get home. Strangely it took the doctors a bit of time to diagnose me. I was on some medication at the time and it was masking the diabetes symptoms. I was unwell for quite a few months and when I finally went off the meds I was on I suddenly lost over 20kg's of weight, went through the whole thrist thing and non stop toilet visits. About a week of this and I woke up one morning and couldn't see. Went to the doc and was diagnosed. They didn't tell me much though. It was almost a case of congrats you have diabete so go read up on the internet and sort it out. It was only a few months later when I continued to be really ill, moved to a different town and got a new doctor that I finally got the help I needed. Suddenly I was testing regularly and able to bring my readings from 18.7 to 5 over the space of 3 months. It's important to get diagnosed and look after oneself. My next target is to make time for exercise and lose more weight.


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