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I switched to a low carbohydrate diet after my mother was diagnosed with type two. It has helped me lower my body fat levels, bad cholesterol levels, and generally feel better. No more midday slumps and needing a sugary pick-me-up.

Its hard socially, but if you aren't militant, just make sure you don't give up if you have a slip up. Straight back onto it after the cupcake you felt obligated to have. Works a treat.

Great to hear you are doing something pro-active to try and mitigate the possibilities of developing type 2. Sounds like the side effects have been pretty positive too!! Keep up the great work. Cheers


Diabetes is scary stuff, had an uncle suffer the worst of it so I always ask my doc when I'm there, if I have any warning signs remotely similar. Might seem paranoid but I don't think it's worth the risk not mentioning


Good idea teckiwi. A simple blood glucose test can show any abnormalities. Things to watch for symptom wise is a massive thurst, wanting to go to the loo all the time and eyesight deteriation. Keeping a tab on it is a good idea.


You can get what seem to be diabetes symptoms when taking the anti-psychotic Abilify.
I had tests done which said it wasn't diabetes though.


Scary to think that a drug for one thing can bring on syptoms of another disease. Hope you dont get diabetes out of it.


Hey Philip checking back in from my last post. Sad to say my type 2 is still with me. I've had some good and bad periods with it. The stress of first time fatherhood has seen me on occaisson take some lazy options with my eating and i haven't had any major weight loss outside of a couple of Kg's in that time. I've also had to go on some stronger metformin tablets and also blood pressure pills sadly.
I am Happy to report that my drinking is virtually non-existent and i have even managed to cut out sugar in my coffee. My fiancee is amazing and really looks after my diet. I have also swapped the treadmill for an exercycle and am burning off an average of 400 calories a day. My Goal is to double that daily calorie Burn before the end of the year.
Hope yours isn't being to much of a pain in the ass and cheers for keeping the thread going. it's nice to know there are other people out there in the same boat.


Hey Tim. Thanks for coming back and giving us an update on your condition. Fatherhood shouldnt be a stress it should be the most wonderous adventure of your life watching your own genes grow up before your eyes!! You can do what you can do and as long as you give it your best effort you have to be satisfied in what you achieve. Stress is a bigger killer than Diabetes so I suggest you take time to smell the roses when ever things are getiing the best of you. I must say, my wife really looks after me too, ensuring the my diet is what it hould be. Hang onto her, she sounds like a keeper!! Dont read too much into yours highs & lows as if you spend more time in the green you will average out to a good position. Ask if you can be seen by the Diabetes specialist nurse at your local hospital. I see mine every 6 weeks or so and she is a great motivator and she is also really interested in seeing me suceed. Plus it costs me nothing as its covered by the national health service. Stay in touch. Cheers


Hi all. Just thought I would touch base. If you are a Diabetic there are some excellent apps out there to moitor your condition. I have been using Diabetic App for iPhone, which I found comprehensive but somewhat pedantic in its operation. After a period of time though it shows some very interesting trends and allows you to email your records to your healthcare professional. I highly reccommend some sort of app for your record keeping. I have recently changed back to Samsung from crap iPhone (but thats another story) and have found a number of new updated apps for my Diabetes management. Try and find an app that allows you to carb count at very least or has a database of foods. Really makes life alot easier when you can get an accurate handle on what you are putting in. Look forward to any replys or comments.


Need to make a contricution so how about my own thread. Its good to see no one is suffering from diabetes this week. this thread must have cured the nation!!! Bring on some more life stories about your condition people and how you are dealing with it. Cheers (-;


I have changed my diet and exercise regime to hopefully avoid this serious epidemic.

Good man. Prevention is better than cure, of which there is none!! Cheers

or nitro fuelled robot!!


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