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I like your idea about healthier foods Glenys, but we grow all of our own vegetables plus lots of fruit. There is nothing like picking veges fresh out of the garden for your meals. It just tastes better. In all honesty I believe your comment is a cop out. If people want to eat healty they will, we eat fresh all the time and spend less than we used to. I believe people need to take responsibility for their own wellbeing and make it happen rather than look to the Government or somone else to do it for them. Diabettes is serious, and you dont want it. Hopefully I wont go blind or have my toes amputated or suffer kidney failure but the future is in my hands and I am the only one to blame if it all turns to SH*T. All the best and stay fit and healthy.


Man, who went to the SEVENs in Wellington on the weekend??? My diabetes got a hammering but it was worth it.


Any new reports from anyone on Diabetes conditions, effects, advice??


Hi its me again. Hey they said I had to comment in the Health & Fitness forum so why not comment on my own thread. Looks like I'm the only one commenting on it any how!! Wonder if there is any such thing as a thread where no one else comments!?! You must all be well which is a great thing.


Horrible thing to have. My grandmother has it but she basically is in denial and has never really taken any notice of what she should do as a sufferer of diabetes. As a consequence she has bad nerve damage in her feet and bad heart problems. My extended family is riddled with diabetes (type II) so I know I have to be vigilant with my life style as I have a good chance of getting it sometime in my life.


My grand parents & my parents have it as this is genetic and younger ones are more likely to have them.

I hope you or your kids dont develop diabetes. Make sure you get your sugars checked every time your visit your Dr. I developed my Type 1 daibetes at 33 so it can get you at anytime. the better your health and fitness the better your chances. Cheers


In all honesty I know a few people with this and it can be reversed with proper exercise and diet.

Only type 2 diabetes can be reversed with proper excercise, diet, weight loss and so on however there is NO cure for type 1 diabetes. We are stuck with it for the rest of our lives and must rely on a several injections of insulin every day if we are going to live. But there are certainly worse things you can have.


I have just been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and completely freaked as to what can happen to you :( alot of learning ahead along with eyesight becoming very shocking :(

Hey Erin, My eye sight was the give away when I was first diagnosed. It came right within about a month through managing the condition. You will now find yourself reading every nutritional lable in the supermarket and trying to make changes. Couple of easy pointers from me would be to just drop sugar, stop alcohol if you can or drink something that is very low in sugar/carbs, stop smoking (if you do) and watch your intake of bread/potatoes/rice/pasta. These few steps will make a big difference. Throw in a half hour walk every day and eat lots more veges. All the best and if you need any advice on anything just comment on here as I do check it every week.


My mother, father and step mother all have type 2 diabetes. My baby's father has type 1 diabetes and has had since he was 18. I have seen how it effects not only those that have it, but their loved ones also, especially when they don't take that great of care of themselves and hypo's become a regular as well as an almost killer (car crashes, other health issue etc) I have also seen the frustration around too many differing opinions which can cause people with diabetes to feel like they should just give up and not care anymore, from the doctors, diabetic specialists, dietitians, podiatrists etc all telling them they should do different things and contradicting each other. I do appreciate what they are trying to do but have seen first hand what happens when they don't agree with each other and the confusion this causes for the patient

Wow, you hit the nail on the head. The first thing i ask any "Specialist" is if they have Diabetes. To date they have all answered No. So you are now the expert in the room and you need to tell them what is going on. This is not a one size fits all disease. Everyone metabilises differently and different insulins react in various ways. It took two years for me to get the right insulin combination. It can be very frustrating but dont give up, life is too fragile and you have to make the most of it. Another diabetic friend of mine used to always tell me how he had never lost a day to diabetes and it would not stop him from doing anything. I am by no means perfect, I have up days & down with my readings and it can be frustrating. If you need any support or want any advice just leave a comment here and I will do what I can to help. Cheers


This is the thread that just keeps giving and movin. I give my opinion and it keeps movin down the list with no extra comments. I think this thread is about to die a silent death, abit like diabetes is a silent killer!! Cheers everyone for your input to date.


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