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Partner has ust been diagnosed with Gestational diabetes and whilst there is a good chance it might go it also might not. She has really non of the risk factors bar being over 30 and is a size eight who doesn't work out but also isn't unfit. Even if the diabetes goes it is an indication of what the future will hold which is very scary. You definitely see life in a different way and whilst Gluten free seems very easy to cater for Diabetes isn't. This is made worse that low fat items are usually higher in sugar which is even more difficult for the larger population which carry a greater risk of developing this disease. There really should be more generally to help those suffering in general food and shopping out lets... really amazing there isn't!!!

I also did not fit into the general catagory for type 2 when I was initially diagnosed. It can be life changing but I found it was best to get some good advice. As much as the medical "professionals" are trying to help, I have found they are limited mainly due to the fact that they dont suffer from diabetes. My best forms of advice came from other sufferers. Since I was diagnosed I have become a million times more aware of what I am putting in my body. Excercise is also an excellent medication!! It dosent have to be hard, you just need to be informed and learn to live with it. Regards


I'm currently on placement in Porirua, Wellington and the number of patients who attend my clinic who have Type II diabetes is alarming! I think increasing the awareness of the causes of Type II diabetes and how to prevent its development is crucial to keeping the healthcare costs to the taxpayer down. Subsidies on healthy food and taxing unhealthy food is needed as foods high in saturated fat and sugar are contributing to the national morbidity burden to an extent in the same class as cigarettes.


The amount of Diabetes cases will only increase in NZ due to the recession and the hard financial times families are facing.
The only business making money at the moment are Fast Food joints purely because it cheaper than buying groceries. Also another factor is instead of people going out to the pubs/resturants, friends are going around to each others houses (or the one who has Sky TV) and ordering pizza etc and buying alchohol from supermarkets. So much cheaper.

As long as a litre of Coke is cheaper than a litre of Milk things will only get worse.


Hi I have recently found out I have diabetes tyoe 2 and due to having no risk factors as slim, fit and no family history I have now taken a blood test to see if I am carrying the anti bodies for type 1.... obviously I have everything crossed I don't. I find it very frustrating that whilst I can control the blood sugar in most part with diet the thought of eating out really doeasn't have the same appeal. Whilst it is extremely difficult to find targeted food and restaurants I have also found friends reaction a real mixture. Some have made a real effort whilst others would make a chocolate on chocolate cake with chocolate topping :(. There will be some permanent changes to my life in that we will alwyas eat wholemeal bread, porridge, grain and bran when cooking so our children will also grow up with that being the norm. I really wish though there was as much available for diabetics as there is for gluten intollerance... some of which are self mis diagnosed and just sadly jumping on a 'thinking it's healthier' band wagon !!

You sound like you are doing all the right things, so hopefully you will overcome this condition. They always thought I would until it morphed into Type 1. Since becoming type 1, I have found it easier to control. Everything in moderation is the secret, although I do not eats sweets and the like, you can have most things (even choclate cake!!) I agree that the food industry dosent seem to give a toss about our plight and the range of products specifically available is slim. All the diet products are pumped full of chemicals to make them sweet even though there are natural alternatives available. Maybe if diabetes was trendy (like gluten free!!) we would see a change. People do have mixed reactions so I generally dont tell them and just eat what I know I can. All the best.


Eat healthily from baby days may help to avoid Diabetes which is becoming more and more prevalent


Hi Guys - Just like to add my thoughts - I agree on the awareness. For my partner she had gestro diabetes in her preganancy. She cried and got frustrated when she had to prick herself and couldn't do it and she couldn't stop thinking about those that do it daily. as hers cleared after baby was born. I think more funding should be out there as well as the government subsidising foos ie greens/ the right bread etc to keep readings down... if we were to have another baby right now - we would be screwed trying to stick to the diet as it got really expensive......

Hi DJ, hope your partner is all good these days. It is frustrating and I am the biggest chiken when it comes to needles but the other option (death) didnt really work for me!! I prick or inject myself between 8 and 12 times a day. Not fun i know but after 7 odd years of that you do get used to it. i agree that more funding should be directed towards this disease along with making healthy foods cheaper and more accessable for the entire population. it would certainly go someway towards helping with diabetes. Cheers


Hi all - Not alot of action on the thread since last year which tells me one thing, You all had an AWESOME Christmas and New Years and spent your time in the sun with a cold one in one hand and the BBQ fork in the other and hopefully a large body of water very close by. Ahhhh... sounds like the perfect Kiwi holiday. Please post ay updates on your diabetes or how diabetes has affected you or your loved ones. The more awaremess the better. Roll on 2013.


luckily mine went away after pregnancy and its hard to know if it will come back. I have had specialist advice saying it definitely will to I have a 30-50% chance :(


Diabetes is rife in my extended family, my grandparents and many other relatives have diabetes so if I don't look after myself it could very well be in my future. I try to keep my weight in check and eat a healthy diet but that is not always effective in keeping the dreaded disease away. Diabetes is going to be a major problem in years to come for the country if it isn't already.


The cost of healthier options of food needs to be subsidised and GST free - that way families would not have to by cheaper less healthier food!

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