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Daylight saving

Perfect time to get on your bike and ride. Whether mountain or road, get out there and enjoy it.

Absolutely agree when the winds not strong enough to knock you off your feet here in Wellington. I take the kids with me, it's hardly a workout with them along but they're good company and they certainly ain't sleeping while light still comes through the curtains.


daylight saving is great especially when you get the chance to sleep an extra hour, but then wait, the next door neighbour has a non stop crowing rooster from the early hours until night falls, & there goes your extra hours sleep & every other hour also. I can't get noise controls help because we are on the same section. hopefully my neighbours are going to help by calling noise control as it bothers them as much as myself, be brave please my neighbours, as the owner of the rooster said it was going into the pot but no it went again on trademe, but that won't matter because when she gets rid of that one she has another 5 to take it's place, & then shes going to keep one so she can keep raising hens so she can have fresh free range eggs & blow all the neighbours. we are urban not rural. so I say to those who can give me advice do so, & also besides earplugs, what else can I do to drown out the noise & get some sleep. perhaps next daylight savings when it's have another hours sleep I may actually get it. fingers crossed, heres hoping


Think of daylight saving as a health check up reminder. Go to the doctor and have that prostate check or breast screen done and get those summer moles checked out. And while you are there ask to get your cholesterol tested. You might just save your own life or live a lot longer!


Always seems to get someone in my house. My partner clocked his phone back before 3am, not realizing this was the time of the switch over. His phone then also clocked it back an hour... so it was 2 hours behind. Work calls him in saying he's late, he doesn't believe them because it was april 1 - april fools! He was 1 hour late! we've been mocking him about it ever since!


good idea to get a health check for daylight saving - we probably worry about the health of our cars more than ourselves. Will remember that for September.

Yeah I reckon!

I think that we need to realise the benefits and how to see them in ourselves and others. Most people I know don't worry about anything health related till it hurts. That's when things have gone too far usually, and they cost a whole lot more!

Amazing what some simple good habits might do to prolong our life :). Not to mention the enjoyment factor.


This just reminded me to check my smoke alarms. Cheers!


I was going to use the end of daylight saving as the beginning of getting back in shape seeing as I could get up an hour earlier without feeling like it and doing my workout then. So of course I got pretty sick from Friday last week and I'm only just starting to feel better now. Lost almost a whole week. But I'm still keen to get it going.


I am really hating daylight saving with a 3 year old she gets so tired during the day now and wakes up super early :(


Why is it called daylight 'saving'. It's just darker in the mornings now!


no its lighter in the mornings now! well lighter earlier at least i just end up going to bed earlier now days when its darker earlier


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