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Cut the salt out!

Something i found out recently is that salt make your body hold onto unneeded water, giving you that fat bloatedness that everyone hates. If you cut your salt back or out you will drop that unneeded water and be more defined.


When i was way younger, mother would add salt to everything she cooked. Now that im all grown up with a family of my own, adding salt to every single pot is something i dont do. No wonder i always felt bloated after eating one of her meals.


Yup i noticed that after cutting it out you cant really see the difference in your definition and yeah not having that bloated feeling after a salty feed is great also you start to realise u can taste all the flavours of the food rather than just taste salt


Anything processed is packed with salt to bring out the flavors cutting out processed snack food is the best way to lower salt intake


We should cut back our salt and sugar intake. Myself l don’t add salt to any meal these days, by removing the Salt Shaker from the table l soon forget about it. It also helped eating less processed and packaged foods, and when cooking only add salt at the end. Then the extreme, it doesn’t kill everyone: My grandfather used to spoon a heap on the side of his dinner plate and the dab each fork load into the salt before eating it. This was a carryover from serving overseas in WW1, his taste buds must have been tainted. He died at 95 and it wasn’t his heart that failed but the medical complications of broken leg after a fall. His doctor used to keep telling him to cut back but he kept saying what was the point when you reach 90.


We have to look at cutting down the salt, in particular processed foods, and have salt free snaks and meals to keep the blood pressure down, and ensure we all have healthy, but tasty food. There are many alternatives to salt that should be used to add the flavour.


I found this after searching a bit more on salt and thought I would share it. It's a few paragraphs from the Men's Health magazine. - Sodium is an electrolyte, a humble member of that hyped class of minerals that help maintain muscle function and hydration; that's why sport drinks contain sodium. You're constantly losing sodium through sweat and urine, and if you don't replenish that sodium and water, your blood pressure may drop far enough to make you dizzy and light-headed. "Sodium acts like a sponge to help hold fluids in your blood," says Rikki Keen, R.D., an adjunct instructor of dietetics and nutrition at the University of Alaska. However, people who chug too much water can lower their sodium levels so far that they develop hyponatremia, a potentially deadly condition more common among recreational exercisers than professional athletes, says Marie Spano, R.D., a sports nutritionist in Atlanta. Salt does more than just make our food taste good; without it, we'd die. I think it's more about moderation, too much and it's bad, not enough and it's not good either. Im shocking with salt myself though, really need to cut down. Didn't realise until reading this this thread and this article just how much impact salt had until now.


Thats true but a lot of foods contain natural sources of sodium you dont need to add salt to food to get your required intake


You'd be surprised how much salt they use in restaurants or takeaway shops. The easiest way to cut salt is cook for yourself more often, and make your own lunch while you're at it!


In the end it's all about how you want to treat your body and how you enjoy your food. Only at the end of your life can you reflect on the choices you made. We eat a lot of potentially bad things but the human body is an amazing machine and deals with many complex chemical invasions. Enjoy your food- but look after your body.

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