Discussing :: Cold comfort - is it possible to prevent a winter cold?


Kaluba is great , at the first sign of cold or flu , a dose of this usually knocks it on the head


stay away from kids


Some things are impossible to avoid and colds seem to me one of them for me especially. A good diet and looking after yourself seem to help but it might be the company I keep!


yes avoid everyone and dont relax stay just a bit tense :)


Yes, by avoiding all people contact if possible during the winter months. You just don't know who is or isn't carrying the cold or flu virus.


Cold Comfort.. no one can be spare from this... but we can minimise its effect... drink regular Vitamin C everyday and proper hygiene, and lots lots of water... Have a safe and comfortable winter everyone... Cheers!


Lemon and honey works every time for me. But I guess it depends on your immune system.


Build up your immune system - plenty of Vitamin C and get lots of sleep. Avoid going from hot to cold temperatures.Avoid contact with people who have colds.


There is no way to avoid it xx


Ity gets me ever year, no way to avoid the sneaky bugger


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