Discussing :: Cold comfort - is it possible to prevent a winter cold?


Cold comfort - is it possible to prevent a winter cold?

Is it actually possible to prevent picking up a miserable winter cold? So many people seem to be full of coughs and sneezes at the moment, that it seems almost impossible to avoid the virus. Vitamin C has long been touted as the secret to cold prevention, but does it really work, and are there any other alternatives?


Keep up a good diet of fruit and vegetables and wear warm clothing... keep away from the general public if possible. I very rarely catch a cold... although my Dad did pass one on to me the other day.


Drink plenty of water and fruit, taking Echinacea helps keep you immune system working. Garlic and Ginger are great too, however sometimes a cold happens even when you try your very best to avoid it. I think sometimes we need to get a little sick so we avoid the really bad viruses...


Fresh organic fruit and vegetables are the best preventative.


Work in a daycare where your immune system is very strong due to all the kids illnesses.


Lemon, honey and ginger every day helps


I hardly ever suffer from the colds and flu's, and I put it down to being proactive. Through the cold months, I tend to use alot of garlic, ginger, and lemon through my cooking, and that seems to keeps any colds at bay, have to give it to the chinese...they know how to be pro active alright


Diets can have a lot to do with it. But also if you spend quite abit of time in outdoors/nature it makes your immune system stronger as well.


If your daily environment includes lots of people, school, supermarket etc the chances are slim in avoiding colds. Increasing Vitamin c levels, more garlic & lemon can slow it down. I also swear by antiseptic wipes kill crush & destroy those pesky germs!


Build up your immune system with vit c, exercise and enough sleep, good hygiene with handwashing etc, but I doubt you can avoid winter bugs altogether. You can lessen the complications by doing all these things. Also, I find it annoying when people visit and they are sick, its like 'stay home, I don't want your bugs!'

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