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Coffee or Tea.....That's the Question?

Who drinks more Coffee and Tea Men or Woman.I was having this debate with a mate the other night.For me I am a Tea drinker maybe have 2 a day.But my Wife who is a coffee drinker must have at least 6 cups a day.Maybe that's the reason Women live longer than Men....So who drinks more in your household?

I think everything in moderation is the better option. Tea is known to have more caffeine though. I think that its all to what you prefer, I know a lot of women who drink tea, but personally myself - I go with about 8 cups of coffee a day - as a female!

me I drink tea, have at least 10 a day. my partner drinks coffee. due to health issues I drink tea, but apparently coffee might help with dementia in later life?:?

Im a big coffee drinker and I think in general the males in my house hold drink more coffee than females :)


Definitely more a tea drinker, although i do like a good coffee now and then. The missus is a coffee addict and gets rather grumpy if she hasn't had her caffeine fix for the day. I find drinking tea more relaxing and pleasurable. The missus needs the buzz from the coffee to get her through the day.


In our house I drink the tea and Him Indoors drinks the coffee. We are probabaly equal at one each per day so I'm not going to help this argument.


I enjoy a coffee first thing in the morning and its always a black one, although when im with my family they always put milk in. Sometimes in the summer months i enjoy a cup of tea just to cool me down


I enjoy a coffee in the morning but I drink tea every other time. My partner usaully has a coffee with me in the mornings and drinks milo rest of the time. But she cant stand drinking Tea!


I love coffee, especially in the morning. However I have decided I put too much sugar in it and it's not very good. So I've changed to drininking herbal teas. I'm really liking drinking rhuebarb and apple tea at the moment.


I drink only tea and have 4 cups a day and my partner drinks only coffee and drinks 2 or 3 cups. I get antsy if I don't get my cuppa. I'll have a herbal tea every now and again - love peppermint - great for a dodgey tummy!


Mmmm Tea is the way to go. Mainly green tea for me. So many varieties. The Be Sleepy tea is so good before bed :D


Coffee for me, many cups per day depending on what is happening. They tend to be enjoyable as long as I pay attention to what my body is asking for, and if I drink them anyway then the enjoyment is lacking. Tea I find I enjoy the odd one now and again, although hot blackcurrant drinks are tasting good at the moment.


I love the taste of coffee, tea makes me feel sick. But like most sensible people before, and after me, all in moderation is not bad for you. Too much coffee gives me acid stomach.

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