Discussing :: charcoal or gas barbecue?


comes down to convenience really... charcoal tastes alot better but takes a bit to set up... gas tastes ok.. but the flick of a switch and your away laughing


what you need is a charcoal gas BBQ. So if your gas bottle runs out half way through cooking the charcoal can take over doing the cooking.


charcoal , other wise it tastes like you cooked it in a pan with most gas ones that dont have the flame grill ability


taste charcoal gas easier


we used to own charcoal.. too much mucking around.


Charcoal bbq do the best bbq, downside is the charcoal, getting it going & storing it :(


Have always had a gas BBQ but some of these comments are encouraging me to make the switch. How have I been doing it wrong all these years?!

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