Discussing :: charcoal or gas barbecue?


Gas is much easier but charcoal gives a nicer flavour


Charcoal has a better flavour, but gas is quite convenient!!


Gas is more convienient and probably cheaper in the long run but who can resist the taste of a good ol' charcoal, smoky flavoured steak mmmm my mouth is watering just thinking about it nom nom nom


I've never owned a bbq. The closest I've gotten is a pile of sticks on fire in the back yard, or toasting marshmellows in the living room fire place. I think I'd definitely go for gas though, even though it scares me a little :)


Charcoal all the way! The taste, the vibe, the smell when that 1st piece of steak lick the grille!!! Gas is an in and out, no culture around it, type of cooking. Charcoal is an event... get the charcoal going first, enough to prepare the meat and get a glass in the hand, then scrape them open to even out the heat, cook the thick, red-meat steaks first, then as the coals burn out, put up the porks or lamb chops, or even a nice beef sausage... all while standing around the 'fire' and talk about that 'one that got away'...


Charcoal is definitely the one I prefer, though it does take longer to get to the right temperature, but I think the taste of the food makes it worth the wait.


Never tried a charcoal BBQ. It seems the majority here reckons it's the way to go. Cheers.


Can't beat that charcoal flavour. Gas is nice, easy and quick. But if I have time and want taste its Charcoal all the way!


I prefer charcoal and think it tasted nicer with the flavour but gas is alot easier


My preference would be charcoal, it certainly enhances the flavour, yes charcoal all the way!. It's a bit like having a hangi done the correct way in huge baskets, as opposed to doing individual portions in foil containers, the taste just gets lost.


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