Discussing :: charcoal or gas barbecue?


charcoal or gas barbecue?

Need to buy a barbecue not too sure what to go for. What are the major differences?. Is running a gas one cheaper? Any advice would be appreciated.


Charlcoal cooks the best tasting BBQ - gas is WAYYYYY easier


We use gas at the moment but when I lived in Aussie, we had a charcoal bbq and the food tasted so good. But then, a normal gas bbq is always good to and easier to get the temp right etc, probably cheaper to run too I would think - get one of both!


Charcoal tastes better like a true kiwi BBQ


Always used to have a charcoal bbq when we were little but now everyone seems to have gas. Think gas is easier to use but not sure on that




Charcoal: Pros - cheaper to run, better taste. cons - takes a long time to start and reach the right temperature, real charcoal is hard to get and the briquettes take even longer to light and then burn too hot. Gas: Pros: instant, controllable heat. Cleaner. Cons: more expensive to run, less smoky flavour. I run a gas barbeque with rails that catch the fat dripping to create smoke and add to the flavour. It is the best of both worlds. Before that I had a different gas bbq for sausages and hotplate cooking, and a charcoal fired Hibachi mini barbeque that was great for steaks, meat patties and things that benefited from the smoke. But it took an hour from lighting it till the temperature was right...


Charcoal will give you the special bbq taste, but gas is the trend now and will prpbably be cheaper in the long run. I've heard a 9kg cannister lasts a long time.


No question in my mind - a charcoal BBQ is by far the best - best for flavour, cheap to run and no running out of gas when you're 30 seconds into cooking!


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