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You need to lose a number of that additional fat over your abs. Even if you work out and find large ab muscles, if there's still a layer of fat over them nobody can ever get to examine them. Cardio workouts area unit workouts that raise your pulse for a given set of your time. Running, swimming, jogging and bike riding are best cardio exercises for maintaining fitness level. They are best workout for losing fats. Tacoma fitness


Motivation is essential to attain and keep a healthy weight, as is choosing the right foods. It is also important not to feel guilty about having a weight problem as life today surrounds us with all the wrong food options


You need to be active and get sweaty to feel great. Just do it even if you suck at it, the benifits can be life changing.


I have found through doing research on my own that no amount of exercise can make you lose weight at specifically targetted areas, when you exercise the weight will come off where it comes off, you can try and tone those areas of course but working on those areas specifically in hope that the weight is lost there first is wishful thinking. I use a number of different cardio workouts like P90X, Shredder exercise programs, some cardio dance programs and gym routines depending on the day and my mood at the time, its always the motivation to want to do it that is the pusher for me some days especially if I want to stay in bed a bit later in the weekend I have to make myself get up for a workout, unlike my partner who is up and atom every morning but I find it gets easier and easier each day and as soon as I am doing it I find that it was the right thing to do lol find what suits you work a program around that and see how it goes. I love doing cardio didn't use to admit it

You should do some topics of your own DeeDee, you're spot on. There is no evidence to support "spot burning" that is, burning fat over a particular area. I am a PT and I had a larger guy come and ask me how to get rid of the fat on his thighs the other day. I told him to run, and that he can't pick and choose where he will lose the fat. By the way, maintaining the kind of abs you see in magazines is very hard, if you are a male you need to be below 8% body fat.

being able to maintain a healthy weight and regular exercise for some is hard, so trying to get ripped abs is a total mission as you have shown with the amount of body fat you need to be under. I like where I am at, at the moment with my healthy eating and exercise routine, and I do treat myself every now and then the plus for me is that my partner is all about keeping healthy and exercising and maintaining it, so having that support for me is a major and I have recently started supporting a work colleague of mine, who has started on her weight loss journey and we worked out a exercise program that suits her with programs that she is interested in doing and an eating plan with foods she loves am so happy she has asked me to support her in this, we have also asked our employer to provide more healthier food options around the office instead of the standard junk food vending machines though I never did use them, but healthier options I would, little changes make a big difference

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