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Can Wrinkles be Diminished by Lotions and Potions

I have lived a very full life. Some years up and some years down which shows on my face - frown lines, disapproval lines laughter lines. Can creams Really diminish wrinkles or am I just clutching at straws and wasting $?


there are some products out there claiming they can soften lines, I think to some degrees they probably can soften very fine lines but probably not the real wrinkles... the only way to get rid of them is probably minor surgeries like botox or the alternative is to just accept that the wrinkles are part of you and the fact that they show what a full life you have lived


I wish...but in reality I am not so sure that anything dramatic can be done for wrinkles but I do think some products would definitely be helpful for plumping and moisturising the skin, and helping fine lines....but hey we live in hope!


softer wrinkles but still with wrinkles. you're lucky to have wrinkles from a life lived full than getting wrinkles from fretting and complaining about life.


I think there are products that hydrate your skin and make them seem lighter but as a whole they are there for a reason, i like to think its because I've had the life experiences that have shaped my defining wrinkles, I've laughed, grinned, grimaced, cried, made silly faces and more.the proofs all there. I just keep em Fed and nourished


Botox is a potion I guess but who wants to look like they have a lifeless face. My wrinkles don't concern me, got bigger things to worry about - maybe that's why I've got wrinkles.


I don't think face creams do a hell of a lot except moisturise but I do think the spf component is worth the money - the sun does so much damage. I hate all these US shows with women (and men) with lifeless faces and dead eyes. They look like some new race of people not actual people with emotions and feelings! Yuk!


I'm damned if I know the answer to this question. I do know that I'd like all the lines on my face to be from laughter because of a life well lived. Only problem is I haven't done very well so far, so looking to improve a little bit every day. Any hints and tips welcome.


A clean diet and facial exercises would probably do more for your skin than any lotions or potions. Like makeup, lotions and potions simply mask the problems rather making any significant difference towards a more supple skin.


Moisturiser and sunscreen definitely helps, but really, I think wrinkles are just a part of life we have to all accept (unless can afford plastic surgery)


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