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Cabbage, for Fitness.

Well It is a matter of fact that vegetable like cabbage is very important from health view point because of the fact of these are rich in nutrients which have fruitful effects on our health. People usually take Cabbage as salad in their diet which is useful in loosing weight.


I've also heard the cabbage is very good for you


Cabbage is a very underrated vegetable and it has fabulous health qualities. I think not knowing how to use it in different ways puts a lot of people off. Slice cabbage finely and put it into soup, nobody will ever know, also making a relish adding onions and cauliflower florets is another delicious use for cabbage. Gently blanching a leaf and filling with savoury mince then rolling into a parcel then steaming yummy. Make a little stirfry with cabbage, and place in spring roll wrappers. The recipe list for utilising this 'disliked' vegetable is endless. You just have to be creative, put it in front of them, and don't give the complete ingredient breakdown. You know it's good for them, and their bodies will be secretly grateful.


I really like cabbage lightly cooked - in stir fries, coleslaws, salads and soups but always find that I am gassy afterwards - anyone got an ideas to prevent that happening?


I love coleslaw!!! yummy.


I love eating coleslaw. I also use them in salads but have never cooked them before


I read that cabbages are much better than lettuces so I started eating more cabbages


Cabbage in a boiler up or steamer is great. And coleslaw


....raw is good, but light poached in stock is good too, else bring to the boil drain water and set a side with some olive oil and crushed garlic with pot lid on works wonders too....


I love cabbage. I like it raw

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