We all deserve a better luxury in our life enjoy being who you are,forget about the gym bunnies,hoop-aloop marys.
The damsel in distress over a chocalate cake,enjoy what you are and have fun!!!Being happy and getting alot of fun in your life is a better way of living!!!!


If it wasn't for other people- and mirrors- then I would rate myself as beautiful and handsome- the body however is up for debate. Luv chocolate cake and hate gyms so why do I exercise every day and hardly ever eat cake ?? The paradox of life.


My over riding law of life is to seek happiness. And chocolate and cake do make me happy. But the long term effects do not make me happy. Sort of like a Utilitarian view on how my behaviour affects me, seek the greatest good for the greatest length of time, and being fat and lacking in energy is far from the greatest good. So the chocolate cake does not win.

Well, not all the time.


Everything in moderation INCLUDING moderation.


and here i was thinking this was going to be a topic about me!

Us, my man, US!



I am in the opinion of if you want to look good and healthy then moderation is the ticket, I am partial to a lot of things I shouldn't be having but try my best to have these in moderation balanced with a great exercise and a healthy lifestyle...it's a constant struggle...lol but it's what I choose to do....


To be honest, I'm not even sure I understood the question.

it was more a statement about how jason and i are beautiful and handsome i think you will find fiona


@Jabes and Jason...misinterpret much?.....lol


I'm sorry, what's to misinterpret? Jabes was clearly correct in his understanding of the original post!

I was referring to the beautiful and handsome statement.....


When you look at a beautiful woman, remember her beauty is only skin deep. No matter how good she looks - no matter how sweet she talks - somebody, somewhere is sick and tired of putting up with her shit.


Some original rhetoric and meaningful input would make a more interesting forum.

Be our guest! The floor is all yours!!

I can feel the knife in my back. More input please....... I'll have another shot.

This Beautiful Woman One Day Walks Into A Doctors Office And The Doctor Is Bowled Over By How Stunningly Awesome She Is. All His Professionalism Goes Right Out The Window...
he Tells Her To Take Her Pants, She Does, And He Starts Rubbing Her Thighs.
"do You Know What I Am Doing?" Asks The Doctor?
"yes, Checking For Abnormalities." She Replies.
he Tells Her To Take Off Her Shirt And Bra, She Takes Them Off. The Doctor Begins Rubbing Her Breasts And Asks, "do You Know What I Am Doing Now?", She Replies, "yes, Checking For Cancer."
finally, He Tells Her To Take Off Her Panties, Lays Her On The Table, Gets On Top Of Her And Starts Having Sex With Her. He Says To Her, "do You Know What I Am Doing Now?"
she Replies, "yes, Getting Herpes - Thats Why I Am Here!"

Hehe, it's nothing personal. You Did Miss A Few Capital Letters There Though...

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