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Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety attacks or nervous condition can be very debilitating in high-pressure situations. In Sports, it sorts the Superstars from the Might have-beens. Doing stuff with out thinking or over analysing it can be an asset or a disability depending on the situation. It could be an Asset if you deciding not to do risky things that might endanger your life or cause injury.


A quick remedy for an anxiety attack is to breathe in and out deeply into a paper bag. Probably not much use on the sports field though...


...stretching is also a great way to calm those nerves especially yoga or pilates type stretching is relaxing and soothing IMHO....


Regular vigorous exercise is possible the key here. I also like to play a game of pool to help unwind.

I can't imagine being able to play a game of pool during an anxiety attack. I can barely function when it happens, which thankfully, isn't that often these days.


.....some good loving always works wonders too....and dancing love it and that works out the worries....and is fun....put on music that makes you dance and go for it!


I used to have these on occasion but over the last year or so have been more and more. I used to think I just needed to 'get over it' but as the intensity of them grew so did the inability to do anything. Almost like being frozen. Interestingly there is quite a strong relationship between anxiety and depression which basically means it is very easy to get sucked in to an endless cycle of inaction and panic. In the end I sought help, found that I actually do have an anxiety disorder and got pills. I hate meds and thought these might 'sedate the real me' but found the opposite - they calm everything down so that the real me can get on with life.


My girlfriend went through a period of anxiety attacks and still has them occasionally, usually characterised by hyperventilating. Although she did go to a cognitative therapy counselor with some good results, I found the best way to help was to give her a hug and ask what was on her mind. Thinking through and verbalising the cause of the attack usually helps her realises it was trivial, in the past and no longer relevant. The hugs help too of course.


I thought women going through Menopause suffered from Anxiety Attacks.....Luckily I am a Man not going through the female Menopause.......!


Basic Steps To Help Overcome Anxiety Attacks: Learn about anxiety attacks. Recognize the symptoms. Control your breathing. Control your stress. Talk to someone that you trust. Enrol in therapy. Eat a healthy diet. Seek out laughter. Read more @ http://www.ehow.com/how_4744209_prevent-anxiety-attacks.html Tips & Warnings Although anxiety attacks are terrifying, know that you can overcome them. Seek help and explore your treatment options. There is no need to suffer through anxiety. Your physician may prescribe medications that can help control anxiety such as benzodiazprines (alprazolam, lorazepam and klonopin) which are mild sedatives. Anti-depressant medication that includes selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors can help manage depression and symptoms of anxiety.


my son has high anxiety & we have these sort of things happening all the time. he has aspergers which is part of his high anxiety. I find I can help him by trying to sort out his problem (which i'm normally able to do most of the time as I look at it clearly & calmly & queitly- if I can with him around all anxious) & taking the stress/anxiety myself thereby hopefully getting an answer quickly or at least showing him how so it destresses the anxiety. even if i'm out he can call me on the phone so that I can talk him through it, if he remembers that is. but I do tell him to stop, relax take a breath & talk slowly if he can & tell me whats happening so I can help him. if it's a problem I can solve by sending an email or looking on the computer I get him to do it with me as that helps also. he does need medication when he's doing schoolwork or study tho as just the thought of that brings on one & that calms him down.


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