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30 day abs challenge

I've been doing the 30 day abs challenge and although I seem to be getting better slowly, the speed of progression is much faster than I can keep up with. Has anyone else been doing this?


1st time i have heard of this? Whose kicked it off? Sounds interesting.


We all have abs, just different amounts of insulation. When body builders compete, they cut down on calorie intake fairly drastic, and dehydrate to show maximum definition.

I think becoming more toned, working on strength and stamina are good goals to strive for. However, obsessing over looking a certain way, can be counter productive to your health and fitness.


My flabdominals need some definition.


I think doing a challenge more aimed at the whole body would be more beneficial. Myself and a friend have been doing a squat, walking, running and push up challenge.


Focus less on just the 6 pack abs and do more core workouts - strengthening the whole core helps with posture, gets those obliques out there as well as improving your ab exercising. Good luck!


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