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Your sexiest woman....

Of course, I would have to say my girlfriend Anastasia. She is by far the sexiest woman I've ever been with. However the point of posting this was to be able to perv at some seriously sexy celebs so here's my vote. Charlize Theron. Pic to follow... What's yours?


And here she is.... om nom nom....


Could well be Scarlett Johansson, not really sure why....


Come on guys, we did 3 pages on knitting fer chrissakes!!!!


I'm a girl but I am comfortable and honest in saying that I think Sofia Vergara is sexy especially in her earlier days when she was modelling....I lived in South America for a few years and everyone loved her...and I didn't even know who she was then.....but I think she does deserve a mention....

Sofia viagra..googling now!

Ah, excellent, and thank you - great choice!

Think l prefer this bikini


@Marked LOL at Sofia Viagra....I did have more revealing pictures but I thought I'd better refrain from posting them


Sorry guys when I say revealing I don't mean in that way I mean just as sexy....

go on do share...'reveal your refraint'

Hear hear!


Ok you twisted my arm, but know more after that, to the moderators please don't delete my account it's the peer pressure, just remove the post!

Who is THAT??????? Is that Sophia Ver.. Via.. Vrrr, whatever her name is??

@Jason yes that is Sophia Vergara

I think that may be the worlds most perfect ass and the water looks good too!

Yes, if only we could ALL photoshop ourselves every day, and have a gaffer follow us around and set up the perfect lighting for us in every situation.

Oi, you're hampering the perving. And water? There's water?

It's my JOB! Without conflict what have you got? A dull community online. And I know, deep down, you wouldn't want that either.

@ jason I did see a little water between those legs...clearly no photoshopping going on here.

Seriously? You really have no idea what can be achieved with photoshop, do you.

Slightly unrelated: In a previous life I was responsible for the photoshop work for various NZ magazines covergirl shots. There's nothing glamorous in removing razor burn and stubble rash from the bikini area at 400% enlargement....

my sarcasm isn't loud enough when i type...yeh i do have some idea, my flatmate use to cut and paste sports cars into exotic locations to save advertising costs. i thought it might be fun to draw attention to the obvious middle eastern animal feature.

I agree Fiona you do a great job with keeping these males in line, else the community would be rather boring.

As for Sophia I am sure there would have been some touch ups in this image, but I still think she is a very sexy women. I remember reading an article where her management team wanted her to insure her body, especially her butt because it was rated number one through out Latin America and Spain beating out J Lo, and Eva Mendes and that little one from Desperate Housewives I think her name is Eva to. Sophia said they were stupid for thinking she could do something like that and she fired the guy who came up with the idea, though I tend to agree with him lol. Even today at 37 she is still as beautiful as ever and was last year voted number 3 in the 99 most sexist women alive of course voted by males...

Wow a great place to park your bike, can't stop looking at her.


always had a soft spot for cameron diaz


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one of the top surfer girls at the mo, mates missus is friends with her!

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