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Worst celebrity haircut of all time?

Who would get your vote as having the worst celebrity haircut of all time, male or female? Plenty of competition for this one, with perhaps the Andre Agassi mullet (circa 1990) being an early frontrunner.

Any nominations?


David - Eric's son on Emmerdale. His hair always looks unkempt. Maybe his hair is different in real life? - after all he is married to Debby.


Who cares and as long as they have hair on their head, that is all that matters...lol :) x


When Britney Spears shaved all her hair off...it looked terrible.


Dennis Rodman and his green hair.
You usually think of such things being done to improve someone's appearance.
I don't know what he looked like before, so perhaps it did.
But I shudder to think of how he could have looked before, if that was the case.


The entire Romanian football team once got peroxide jobs at the beginning of one of the world cups to be collectively bogan!


Kim Jong Un, the President of North Korea


I hate miley cyrus, her hair can be pretty bad at times, but worst for me probably when britney shaved her head, poor girl wasn't well though


Gordon Ramsey.


Kim Jon Un

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