Discussing :: Which would you rather?


Give me the $100.00 a day please!!


100 a day would be just fine, don't want to mess up with the past...:)


would you rather lose an eye or an arm? that would be a hard decision. think I'd go with the arm...


I would have to go with the eye, as long as my other eye was fully functioning.


Yea i would pick to lose my eye over my Arm. do i get to pick which eye or arm because that could change my answer. would you rather lose all your sight or all your hearing.


Would hate to lose either! Think I would go with losing hearing out of those two options if I had no choice.


$100/day for the rest of my life sounds good. Too many possibilities could happen with time travel.


Time machine so I can tell my old self the lucky powerball numbers and win those millions.


Id go with the $100 a day for sure. The past is the past for a reason, and I would hate to know what my future would hold. It would either mess with your head, or you'd waste your current life waiting for what you knew was going to happen!!


The cash would be the practical choice.


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