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$100 a day - that way you could do something special every day


On first thought, the $100 sounds great. But with inflation, it could be worth very little in the future, unless you invest it. Literature seems to always paint time travel, or wishes from a Genie, as a trap. They never turn out as you think they should. It's almost always a cautionary tale that you don't realize how blessed you actually are, until a foolish wish destroys every bit of happiness you had. While a portion of good fortune is a nice surprise, I think we actually thrive on the challenge of making our dreams come true, through our thoughts and actions.


Time travel $100 a day isn't very much money not like some recorded lottery numbers and stock tips

Yarr it is if your on ACC waiting for back surgery! Then again with time travel I could nip back 6 months and refine my lifting technique at work and not wreck my back! So I guess its 6 of one, half a dozen of the other!


Id take the money, and just live life as it is, probably bank it all, and leave it all for the kids for once im gone, think it will be the only way i will have a nice little nest egg for them


Probably time machine as I've always wanted to experience living in different time periods to see what life would be like with out cars and all the electronics, back when horse riding was the main mode of transport


the $100 a day ... if I could only use the time machine once I would have too hard a time deciding when to use it! Here's one for Jono $100 a day or X-Ray Glasses?


Yeah, thinking time machine, sports almanac a la Back to the future - bury the winnings - wouldn't change too much of the space time continuum. Be a big day - one massive accumulator ought to do it...then home in time to dig up my winnings !!


time machine and go back and help get my old mand to stop smoking earlier in his life!


the $100 a day thank you, wouldn't want to mess my life up with the time machine xx


I'd go forward and get the lotto numbers. Buy that winning ticket and live the life of Riley with $23 million. Thank you very much! :O)

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