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Time machine - back and not get married the 1st time!


As I try to live by the motto No Regrets (so you better make sure you're making good decisions) it would have to be the $100....would be nice to have my own cash for sure.


definitely the time machine I would go into the future sort of like back to the future movies and get sports almanacs for sporting events that haven't happened yet, mining and oil exploration areas etc and found or invent a certain search engine company called Google and a tiny social media site called facebook.com lol

My partner reckons I need my head read take the $100, my reply was I wish someone had told me those very same words before I met you lol then there was an awkward silence, until I said jokes honey lol


Time machine....to go forward in time to get the lottery results of a HUGE draw!!


I'd go for the $100 a day - and would make damn sure I was wearing something with pockets in it every day for the rest of my life. Cha-ching!


Dan's suggestion up there is pretty good....however $100 a day guaranteed sounds more like me. I am not a risk taker.


I think id take the $100


I would go back in time and buy shares in companies like microsoft, apple or google. Even a small investment would be worth millions today.


I would take the money ,I could live ok on 700 week ,don't really want to go back in time, the past is the past ,some I don't want to repeat lol,and the future hmm,I'd rather not know.


I would take the money, although going back to the 'roaring '20's' looks like it could be fun (based on lots of books not just The Great Gatsby which does make it look indulgently insane!) I think with $700 a week I could make my future more fun than any past I could think of getting stuck in! Oh but the dresses and those dapper men in suits with magnificent manners............I know a few that could do with a trip back to then to learn a few lessons :)

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