Discussing :: Which would you rather?


Only one option- Time Machine: Lotto. Do the maths and you'll get your hundy a day anyway?


Gotta be the time machine - change a bit of history would be fun.


If you only looked at the money aspect, you could do it in either of the two ways as already posted so I would be happy either way. Time travelling forward and making notes of my "research in lotteries and other gambling results" to bring back to make a bundle or the slow but steady way of a hundy a day.


I think you learn valuable lessons from your mistakes, and if it was meant to happen (like love or a career) its gona happen or its not meant to be. so $100




I would choose the money. Sure you could go back in time and get more money but I would be scared that I would lose the life I currently have if I altered the past. I would love to be able to go back and stop someone I loved dying but then everything would be altered and maybe not for the best. Some things are meant to be. I would have no desire to go into the future, it is nice to have some surprises in life! Would love to experience medieval times but the lack of indoor plumbing would be hard to get used to!


I'd like to take the $100 daily. Chuck it all in a savings account and be prepared for any of life's little adventures.


$100 every day - no more money worries would be awesome


Time travelling sounds cool, but Michael J. Fox showed us how many things can go wrong, so I'd take the money.


Time Machine - Would invest in Microsoft back at the start of it all


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