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Which would you rather?

Just for shits and giggles! $100 magically appear in you pocket every day for the rest of your life? Or a time machine that you could use JUST ONCE to go back or forward in time where ever you liked then back to today? I'd think I'd pick the $100 a day. But then again! Hmmm. Gimme some other hard decisions people that we can comment on....


Time Machine - Strike Oil. Pick the winning lotto ticket on one of the states draws... then when you come back it would have all rolled out and you'd have a bank load of money ready to go... knowing me I'd also have 'invested' in a range of bad ass toys and numerous girlfriends.

Haha, I like it!

That scene from Back to the Future 2, where Marty eyes up the Almanac in the shop window springs to mind...

Yep, perfect answer!


Time machine... I think travelling back to medieval times would be quite fun.. Might even stay there if I met the right wench.


i want to buy a house desperately, will having $100 in my pocket everyday, afford me to buy my dream house? but i guess, i'll be so old before i save enough. when will the house' prices go down?!?!


Yeah, time machine, definitely. $100 a day it would take a while to accrue enough to make a difference. But the question is, where in time would you go? Forward, or backward. Backwards would be awesome to find out the truth of certain events, or stop them all together. But on a purely selfish level, I guess it would be best to go forwards to find out information that you can then use to become fabulously wealthy. I mean, happy.


see id go the hundred in the pocket that's 700 a week plenty enough to live on and even save a bit so could get a job then that was more casual so could just go surfing when ever it was good


Ok, I'd take the 700 a week, jump on a plane to Thailand or Tibet for a 3 year paragliding holiday, then come back and buy a house with the deposit I'd saved...


Hard decisions mmmm time machine sounds great but to risky to risk changing the past, yep I'd be boring and take the money honey


Whoa - I answered this 3 years ago, my answer is still the same. Travel. The older I get the more I value experiences over material objects, and you could not get a better more unique experience than time-travel. I think I'd go forward in time, but for how long. Bit risky as it could be into the middle of a war, and how would you support yourself years in the future? Look up your decedents and crash on their couch?


I've already got a Flux Capicator and I'd hate to change my life as my, meddling, kids might not be in my life. Sure I'd be happy and rich but I'd miss them. So I'll take the $100 per day.

But, if you went forward you'd still have the kids.....

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