Discussing :: What's the best drink for a Kiwi Christmas?


What's the best drink for a Kiwi Christmas?

I'm a Yank who's used to spiked eggnog, Irish coffee, and hot ciders with brandy on a cold Christmas. That doesn't go over to well at the beach, so what's the Kiwi drink of choice for a summer holiday dinner? I'll be with the in-laws so suggestions with very high alcohol content especially appreciated.


Kahulua & Coke


Take your pick... it's a bit of a tradition to have wine at the dinner table here. Or you could have an ice-cold cider, beer or even a few nips of brandy. Perhaps even some spirits or liqueurs later in the evening? There's no boundaries really... just don't over indulge.


It's not alcoholic but we love grape juice on Christmas day. It is always my favourite and everyone can enjoy.


Bubbly for the adults and sparkling grape juice for the kids.


Yeah I'd have to agree with champas for the adults and grapetise for the kids, but in general a beer will always be stock standard and as the night progresses a bit of top shelf is usually in order.


l&l for sure


Yum they all sound good gota go with the bubbles as we like to have a Champagne Barbie Breaky, always L&P for the kids and usually followed by beers until the feed is ready.




Sangria is a favorite in our house! The basic recipes tend to be a bottle of cheap wine, chop up some oranges, limes, lemons, a few shots of rum, simple syrup (or sugar stirred in) to taste. Leave it all in a jug for at least a few hours before serving. It works with reds, whites, or bubbly. Delicious and refreshing.


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