Discussing :: What are you listening to right now?


What are you listening to right now?

Post a reply with what you are listening to RIGHT NOW (don't change the song or make up something you think Frank will like).

A Kiss to Build a Dream on - Louis Armstrong

Gin Whigmore's new album - again and again!

ganganm style

music festival 2013


Bonus for dropping in a youtube clip so we can all listen!

Finally Hipnotized - Chris Bourke, such a bad ass track. (Cut to 59seconds for the real kicker!)


Foo Fighters - Wastings Light (awesome)
Bad Meets Evil - Hell: The Sequel (can't really get into it)


I'm listening to my laptops fan, impersonating a tractor...

wow we are listening to the same thing, what a coincidence!!!


Biggie Smalls vs Thomas the tank engine.

Hahahaha that's so fkn champ!


Acoustic version of a punk song.


friends and lovers by incubus

3rd song on the new album

real good album wasnt sure what to expect after the last average one but this is a goodie!

I didn't really like their new album at all :/ most of the songs didn't really stand out if you know what i mean.
Just my opinion though.

yeah i think i expected nothing after a crow left of the murder so this was a pleasant suprise so ended up liking it its not the same as make yourself or science but still i am enjoying it at the moment


Pavement - Summer Babe

You can take the kid out of the nineties, but you can't take the nineties out of the kid :)

whoops, no video

I'd love to post up the vid but seem to be failing quite spectacularly. Any tips on how to properly embed the vid would be much appreciated

i will give it a go.

[embed src="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tuZYdoic2lk"
autostart="false" /]

hey tim, with the video - play the source in another tab and copy the URL and paste into the youtube box second above the post and reset buttons.


This thread, seems to have died off a little and i'm really keen to know what people are listening too so I'm giving it a little bump...

Blind Melon - Holyman

sorry, I have no you tube access at work , so no vid:(


...well I am only being honest and this is what I am watching at the moment as well as listening to....I was actually searching for the artist of the song in the video and hey presto what do you no I am watching Sonny Bill Williams is fine.....lol....


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